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Reality Shows: Do They Glorify Bad Behavior?

Updated on January 26, 2013

Throwing a Fit

Fit throwing is a normal behavior--for a two year old. Why is it we find it interesting to watch grown people getting their feelings hurt on television? Why is it we stare at the hypersensitive, all-too-easily angered folk who seem to enjoy showing us how they can fly off the handle? And what is worse, will our children pick up these habits from observing how they lack for coping skills? Is it really fair that they vent anger upon the people around them, and make a display of doing so?

Showing Off: Still a Bad Idea

It seems that the folks on reality TV shows like to show off everything, whether or not what they're pointing out to us is noteworthy. They also seem to like to patter about while clad in inadequate clothes. Isn't "look at me" a rather juvenile sentiment? Sure, everyone likes to get a pat on the back now and again to commemorate hard work and achievements. What do the reality stars achieve? What have they done to better the lot of mankind? In what way have they contributed to the strength and health of our society? And better yet, why do they get paid to do what they do? Many of us would sooner see that money spent on building new roads or on making movies out of great classic novels. We would derive more benefit from distributing faster internet to more folks or training inner city kids to get good jobs so their idle hands don't become a devil's workshop.


I know the show's producers get the unknown people they hire to work for less than an actor or an animator.

Those who do the shows want to be famous. Famous at any price. If they're lucky, they'll win some sort of prize for their appearance. If not, they'll get paid for appearing. Not as much as a professional singer or dancer, yet they seem not to mind. What is this going to get them? The world's notice? Wouldn't it be better to be noticed for doing something more worthwhile like discovering energy, inspiring inventions, or solving world hunger and peace?

Why do we accept this fare? If nobody watched, the drop in ratings would erase this offensive material from our screens in a New York hurry. Could it be that America has changed so much since the days of shows like The Lone Ranger or Andy Griffith where we had a few laughs or thrills mixed in with our thoughtfully good points and morals? Will we never again return to a mode of decency and good manners?

How many reality shows do you watch?

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    • profile image

      Dave Greene 

      4 years ago

      I think it's Just Another sign of the cheapening of the American culture. The people on show seem so desperate for attention that they are willing to do anything. The producers set it up . and it sells. Very sad.

    • Ken-B profile image

      Kendric Boykin 

      5 years ago from Columbia, SC

      I think some of fit throwing is staged, while watching a reality show they did not follow a couple of people because they were not apart of the drama

    • Denise Handlon profile image

      Denise Handlon 

      6 years ago from North Carolina

      OMG Don't get me started on this subject! Why we offer an audience to encourage this activity is beyond me. People really confuse me sometimes...and we wonder why there are so many lost but entitled teens these days!!! voted up.


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