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Reality TV Shows That Are Totally Fine to Share With Your Kids

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Taylor is a blogger who loves sharing her opinions on home tech, digital entertainment, TV trends, and other lifestyle topics.


Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Real Housewives and America’s Next Top Model are not exactly family-friendly entertainment. These shows deliver seriously entertaining drama, but when you’re looking for a TV show everyone can watch before bed, they’re not it.

Don’t worry though – there are some great reality TV shows that offer the dramatic competition you crave while remaining (mostly) free of cattiness, backstabbing, cheating and other inappropriate outcomes that occur when you put large groups of people together in front of cameras.

8 Reality TV Shows the Whole Family Can Watch

All in with Cam Newton, 6+

Football fans will enjoy watching superstar quarterback Cam Newton help kids reach their goals. Whether these kids are aspiring athletes themselves, or want a career on Broadway, Cam pairs them with a successful mentor from the field. There’s humor, positive messages and star power that doesn’t overpower.

The Great British Baking Show, 8+

Who doesn’t love watching contestants create delicious cakes, pretzels and tarts for Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood? This good natured bake-off is about as wholesome as reality TV gets, with nothing but support for the participants from each other and the judges. There’s also Junior Bake Off, which follows the same format with kids competing for the title.

Kids Baking Championship, 6+

Tune in to Kids Baking Championship to see your favorite Food Network stars toned down as they coach already talented kids through baking challenges. If your kids love to cook, this show (as well as Gordon Ramsay’s MasterChef Junior) will inspire them to be more creative in the kitchen!

Little Big Shots, 5+

There’s zero competition here, just feel-good (mostly) talented kids hamming it up for the camera after a little encouragement from host Steve Harvey. You’ll see kids who are already YouTube famous, as well as some enjoying their first big break. From gymnasts to inspirational speakers, these kids are seriously entertaining.

Shark Tank, 13+

Younger kids may not quite understand the concept, and the panel of “sharks” (potential investors) can be mean towards unprepared presenters. However, for kids who like the idea of starting their own business, Shark Tank may just get them thinking about how to get the ball rolling.

So You Think You Can Dance, 10+

Like American Idol and America’s Got Talent, it’s worth skipping the auditions to avoid obnoxious potential contestants and some meaner comments from the judges. Once the top performers are chosen, this is an entertaining show filled with some of today’s best dancers and choreographers. Any aspiring dancer will adore the competitors!

Trading Spaces, 8+

It can be hard to find episodes of Trading Spaces, but it’s worth it. The makeovers featured in Trading Spaces ranged from tasteful to ridiculous, but were always executed with the best intentions. Kids will especially love Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls, which resulted in some crazy cool bedroom designs.

The Voice, 10+

Preliminary auditions done before any televised episodes cut down on the number of not-so-talented singers at auditions. Then, blind auditions help judges/coaches focus on sound, rather than looks and potential star power. The coaches seem genuinely interested in helping their team succeed in the long run and competitors are very supportive towards each other.

More Reality TV for the Whole Family

If these eight options aren't enough, this guide has even more family-friendly reality TV shows. If your family includes tweens, this list is also great!

Reality TV in Your Home

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