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Reality TV: Women vs. The Girls who indulge

Updated on April 19, 2016

Reality TV: Women vs. The Girls that indulge

It's funny that even with all of the drama at the office, in our neighborhoods and on our street, we still find the time for more on the tube! I guess since it isn't "real", theres no need for anxiety or stress. Good thing or bad thing? With myself being almost thirty, I know how not to believe what I see. You know the slim waists, booty implants, breast implants, cheeck bones raised and lip injections. Of course there is more but we'll keep it PG. Anyway, I've heard many conversations of young women wanting to look like these women and not appreciate what was already given from God himself. Social media being the main culprit for them to "show off" what they've worked hard for. I say culprit because social media is not what it used to be. We used to look up friends and family who lived long distance or elementary and middle school teachers just to say "hey" here and there. You know, without crossing the line of "teacher/student".

Anywho, reality television has changed the way young men and women view themselves and each other. The men expect you to look like Barbie, dress with skin tight everything, expects women of certain races/color to conduct themselves a certain way and the men to treat their women a certain way as well. It basically deflects what was taught at home because it looks cool and the women except it. Going both ways of course. Throwing drinks in faces, the swearing, different fathers for their children, being cheated on and it being okay, the drunken nights of sexual intercourse with different men, etc, etc. It's too much! I know it goes on outside of television but TV should be an escape from reality! Make the younger generations watch something that takes their mind off of what they experience and see daily in their neighborhoods no matter what it is. Instead they see the opposite and it sets the examples they want to follow instead of what mommy or daddy taught them. Grant it, the parent holds the key to a certain extent. They can cancel cable, only allow certain cable channels, no swearing in front of the child or drinking. But that does not stop them from becoming curious and watching all of the above elsewhere. You can always do what you can though.

A grown woman is going to laugh through Love and Hip Hop, talk about Basketball Wives at work with coworkers the following day or take Keeping up with the Kardashians as a joke. But to a young girl, it sets the standard of how a young man should treat them (right or wrong), how having children without being married is fine as long as you have money or that fighting should be the normal way of getting your point across. It's all for money for the TV star but to the young girl watching, she's slowly but surely learning how to conduct herself once she's old enough to drink. Maybe watching TV shows like Greys Anatomy, Hawthorne, or even The Walking Dead is not such a bad idea after all.


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