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Reality Television = A big Joke

Updated on August 22, 2011

Watching reality television shows has become my least favorite thing to do. I remember sitting in the house with my older sister and young brother watching one of the first reality shows to air, such as Real World and losing my mind down to the last minute of the show because I craved for more to see, more to experience. I admired these group of youngsters, and I wanted to be like them. Now as I have gotten older I continue to look at most of these shows and think to myself, what the hell was I thinking has America lost their minds with the bulk of these shows taking over shows with real substance? Most would say, just change the channel if you don't like reality television, so what will that do? Is America saying to us, so what, turn the channel and watch absolutely nothing because we have replaced real acting with fake scripted television. What does any of this say about who we are as people? Teen moms are being called reality tv stars? Women can get off for killing their child, a woman can shoot a woman in the face, she can give birth to multiples, she can be in a place in her life where she is not able to take care of them, she can get a divorce on national television, all of them, showing the world just how dysfunctional they really are and yet, only in America can they become famous around the world. Get television show deals and be named in magazines as celebrities?

In some cases reality television does give dreamers hope that one day they can make it. Shows that gives singers, dancers, actors the greatest opportunities of a life time, to see their name across a building in shiny lights and getting complete strangers, to stop and stare and wave them down for autographs. It's the American dream, to become famous, known by the world. Who wouldn't want that title, that opportunity? For those people reality television is hope, its the chance to finally make it, but how real are those shows? Are those shows really giving these people a real opportunity to make it? How do we know that they weren't picked up and watched way before now and their chance to rise up to the occasion wasn't scripted and planned? We don't know, as fake as reality television goes, I can only imagine how far these reality shows will go to make their ratings.

Why should a reality show need to be scripted? Drama = entertainment. We feed on drama, we need it, its like our life support system. A bunch of foolishness is what it is. It's here and it's not going away, if you can't beat them, join them. I am thinking of writing my own reality show script, and pitching it. Let's see how far reality television gets me.


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    • dewilliams30 profile image

      Donnetta Williams 6 years ago from jacksonville

      I look at reality television, I don't mind the shows that gives people hope. Whereas we can watch a show and be amazed at real talent. But it doesn't stop there we need the drama...doesn't too much drama stress us out? I do believe that other shows (non) reality television has been taken over with the not so good stuff to watch. It's all about ratings and all of the good shows are being flushed down the toilet. I have netflix, and Hulu...t.v. is my least favorite to watch unless its the oldies yet classics. Movies are my favorite, James Cagney, Jimmy Stewart, Bettie Davis, Elizabeth Taylor and my favorite of all time Cary Grant. Now those are actors/actresses with some real talent.

    • CalfaceJR profile image

      CalfaceJR 6 years ago from Ohio

      Im not gonna like I do like reality shows, but only the meaning and content behind its good.

    • Uninvited Writer profile image

      Susan Keeping 6 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

      I think shows like American Idol have made people lazy. They are not willing to dedicate years to learning their craft. They want it instantly or they give up. Look at how many on that show feel if they don't get chosen that their chance of a career is over. If they really want it they will keep trying and pay their dues like the great musicians of the past have.

      I can't stand most reality shows. They are too scripted.

      Many of the situations are so obviously planned.

    • amurbach profile image

      amurbach 6 years ago from Arizona

      Netflix is very cheap and contains many shows that are not reality. I, myself, enjoy some reality shows but not all of them. By the way, television is entertainment so fiction versus fake reality is the same to me, it's not real. You make some good points though with glorifying bad situations and it's sad.

    • SteveHall profile image

      SteveHall 6 years ago from Mountain View, CA 94040

      Whatever happened to the great shows on tv, that showed us how to get along with others. Made us laugh at eachother, or calmed us down. The shows these days have too much action, too much violence, and too much police vs bad guys, for my blood. I miss the family shows, the variety musicals, the learning about new stuff shows. There is lots of choices on cable, to look at the old time shows, but not everyone has cable tv. The internet is growing wise to this, showing older shows, and has put many of them up for us to see... Reality is life in progress, not made up drama, that get pushed down our throats. No more violence please...

    • Valerie60 profile image

      Valerie60 6 years ago from Richmond, VA

      Its all the drama! What's going on creates something that gives aspiration. Without it life would be boring. Everyone wants to be a "rock star" but not everyone is willing to be exposed to get recognition. Sometimes people on reality shows have to disgrace themselves just to make money. So what else is new?