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Why is This on My TV:Man Vs Food

Updated on December 1, 2012
Man Vs Food's Adam Richman
Man Vs Food's Adam Richman

Hey there fellow Hubbers and Reality TV watchers everywhere! If you missed my last hub called Why is this on my tv, you can catch up and read that hub here.

Well, it's Thursday, November 25th and that means it's Thanksgiving Day. A day here in the America where we us give thanks for what we have and who we are with...and we also sit down to humongous feasting dinner tables filled with all kinds of food and desserts and fill our faces with many of the selections on these dinner tables...including of course Turkey.

So considering that today is a national holiday of feasting, what better way to celebrate such a day than with a marathon of my favorite show about eating food!

That's right I'm talking about none other than the human eating machine Adam Richman and his reality TV show " Man Vs Food on the Travel Channel. So just what is the allure of this particular cable reality food fest for me? Well there really is a lot to " Digest and Consume " here...and yes this pun was intentional thank you!

As I'm writing this hub I'm actually watching Adam in Hawaii trying to conquer a food challenge called the " Mack Daddy " which consists Adam eating over four ( that's 4! ) pounds of pancakes and fruit toppings, along with of course...bacon and I believe that he only has ninety minutes to complete it...and it looks like he has failed to beat the challenge, as he sadly states that " The Food Has Won " but he did get to go to Hawaii.

For me the main reason to watch the show is just the total absurdity of some of the " Eating Challenges " that Richman faces, which I find to be totally entertaining. And never mind the interesting locales that we get to visit thanks to Adam and his travels.

And of course there is some bits of history that come along with some of the places that Adam visits and we get to go behind the scenes and get a " Eater's Eye " view of some of the special secrets behind some of the dishes that are created. I particularly enjoy all the different ways that Beef can and is prepared and cooked.

A favorite moment for my viewing pleasure was when Adam, once went behind the scenes to see how some " Atomic Hot Wings " were prepared and there was actually special protective gear that the people who were preparing the wings actually wore due to the ingredients that were used to make the wings.

Well, in closing this ThanksgivingĀ  day Hub, I just want to say that if you haven't caught any episodes of Man Vs Food, you are missing out on some of the best and most bizarre yet entertaining food challenges and just great eating foods that you may ever see on cable tv.

Never mind Iron Chef, you want to see a guy just like you challenge food that you just couldn't possibly finish eating in a single sitting, comment and explain just how fantastic the food tastes and also talk about the different textures and flavors involved in some of the food combinations.

Man Vs Food, cable tv eating at it's finest. Five Thumbs Up!

Man Vs Food; Cafe Hotwings


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