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Reasons for Attending a Ballet Dance Camp

Updated on August 10, 2010

Reasons for Attending a Ballet Dance Camp

 Ballet dancing is a dance by female ballet dancers, or ballerinas, and male ballet dancers, which originated in Italy in the 15th century, but the dance, as we know it today began in the early 1600s.  Most of the traditions have been maintained.  Some people take up ballet dancing for fun and as a way of keeping fit, but if you want to take up ballet as a profession, you will need to take lessons.  The lessons should start early in life – there is a lot to learn and your body needs time to be appropriately toned.  The most popular options for ballet training are attending a ballet dance camp and taking normal ballet dance lessons.

 Ballet dance camps are very popular and there are several reasons for this.  If you attend a ballet dance camp, you will learn many facts about ballet, including the history of the dance.  If you know all the facts about the dance, you will be able to interpret the dance better and you will become a better dancer.  Attending such camps is also important in that you will learn different ballet dancing styles such as contemporary and neoclassic ballet and this will open more doors for you.  Knowing different ballet dancing styles and other facts about ballet is important if you plan to have a career in ballet after you put down you dancing shoes.  You cannot learn much if you attend normal ballet dancing lessons because time is insufficient, learning materials are not readily available, and the teachers are concerned with making you a dancer and not teaching.

 If you want to be a good dancer, a ballet dance camp is the place to be.  This is the best place to learn because you will have the whole day for ballet.  Some of the things you will learn include how to stretch, how to avoid injury, and ballet steps.  You will also learn about how to dress for ballet, including shoes, and you will learn ballet positions.  There is a lot of French influence on ballet dance and there are many French terms in ballet.  This requires a lot of time since very little is in English – you will have all the time for this in the camp.  Learning the lingo is vital if you want to pursue a career as a ballet dancer.

 Having the right attitude is important for a ballet dancer.  In a ballet dance camp, you will interact with different people and you will pick the attitude, among other things.  The camp will teach you how to work under pressure and you will be able to appreciate just how difficult ballet is.


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