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Rebel Battle Strategy Sucked at Hoth

Updated on December 14, 2017
Photo by BarricadeCaptures
Photo by BarricadeCaptures | Source

I was watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back and a thought came over me. During the battle scene in Hoth, the snow planet, the Rebels should have set up mines surrounding their hidden base.

It was clear that the Empire ships could not bombard the base from space since the Rebel base had a super shield to protect it—that aspect was covered. So, the Rebels needed to cover the ground attack, right? So, they should have installed mines all around. If the shield was going to protect an aerial attack, then put mines to cover the ground attack, c’mon Rebels! That’s why the AT-AT Walkers stomped all over the Rebels.

They could have also used ground troops to sit, under the cover of snow, and pop up when the Walkers were going by. Then, these sneaky troops could have used sticky bombs or magnetic bombs to stick on the ankles of the giant machines. Boom!

Also, the Rebels could have designed a super explosive bomb to take these AT-AT Walkers instead of using low powered laser beams. C’mon!

As far as the snowspeeders, since they could fly between the legs of the AT-ATs while shields were up, then the rebels could have landed right on top of the AT-AT and plant bombs all over the place. C’mon!

In the end, the Rebels’ battle tactics sucked against the onslaught they suffered against the Empire in the battle at Hoth.


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