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Reboot: Cool Doesnt Mean Good

Updated on March 1, 2020


Reboots means to discard all community in an established series to recreate its characters, timeline and backstory. The term reboot is often used in fictional forms such as comics, TV, video games and films. Reboots make anything sound cool especially movies. Robocop in the 1980’s was rebooted to Robocop in 2014. To many that was a movie that should not have been touched. It looked good but was not proven to be as good as the original but today’s audience does not care for originality. All they want to see is action, CGI and thrill. They’d then say it is good. Robocop gripped the audiences easy but it should not have been touched. Action, CGI and thrills in movies attract me. I know the original was better but am hooked on the graphics so it gets a pass but when it’s too much it is a turn off. To me, that means that they had a hard time making it look close to original. Three of the reboots that got a pass from me is The Amazing Spider Man in 2012 and 2014, Godzilla in 2014 and Ninja Turtles 2014 and 2016.

The Amazing Spider-Man Series

In 2012, The Amazing Spider man was cooler. More graphics and eye-catching stunts done by Andre Garfield who plays peter Parker. Parker was a child that lost his parents when he was young and was placed in the care of his relatives. He was bit by a spider and started transforming into Spiderman. Remembering the criminals that killed his parents he decided to use his powers to fight the crime in New York City. Along with fighting crime he met Dr. Connors played by Rhys Ifans. He was a huge fan of his work. Connors also worked with his father. Along with that he was also the villain in the film which was defeated by the Spiderman. Two years later in part 2 of the film Jami Fox joined the cast as electro. Electro was a quiet, normal guy with no friends. He fell into water filled with electric eels and became infected with electricity. It ran through his veins. Like Connors, he too was defeated by the spider. The Amazing Spiderman was a reboot of the ones with Tobey Maguire. It was not bad at all but too much was recreated in the film. We know it is based from a comic and know there are many characters but just because of the character changes it does not mean they should be fully recreated. Too much in the film that was different from those of the past.


Godzilla was released in 1998. That was a remake. The French government was conducting a nuclear test that accidentally mutated a lizard. The lizard makes its way to New York City where Dr. Niko Tatopolous played by Matthew Broderick studied it. Godzilla emerged a massive battle with US Authorities. Not only that took them by surprise but the beast was also pregnant. The beast was terrifying the city to collect food for her offspring but the military shoots the beast down. They presume the beast is dead. Tatopolous finds the nest and has it destroyed but one of them remained. Years later in 2014 the reboot hit the big screen. This reboot was the 30th in the franchise. A US Navy officer named Ford Brody played by Aaron Taylor Johnson departed to Japan because his father Joe Brody was in custody. Joe was there hoping to find what killed his wife years ago. He warned them that it is something out there and they did not believe him. They thought he was crazy including his own son. Until they seen a giant winged creature that wounded and killed Joe. The winged creature was given the name Muto. There were two muto’s at large but so was Godzilla. Godzilla hunts the mutos down and eradicates them both. The most recent was cooler no doubt. The addition of the mutos was good and the fact that Godzilla was protecting the city was as well. In 1998 she damaged it. Willing to kill many for the sake of her kids. They recreated Godzilla’s role for the better but they also damaged the franchise. The recreation was good but Godzilla was known as a monster that terrorized. Not a good guy.

Ninja Turtles New Series

Ninja turtles hit theatres first in the early 90’s. When I was a kid I loved the films, and was eager to see what the future holds for them all. In 2014 I got my chance. What I expected happened. He did not really recreate the characters but upgraded them. Making them look more muscular and buff. From the turtles, master splinter and shredder. The action in was not disappointing. The plot was not too different from the 1st neither. Just about the same story line but there was disappointment. Some think it was funny like those of the past but it was corny. In the introduction the reincarnated April O’Neal was introduced played by Meagan Foxx. The reincarnated foot clan was also introduced and O’Neal was on top of them. There she witnessed the four turtles wiping them out. The turtles moved like lightening and always left symbols behind. Despite what she saw not many believed her. She later meets the turtles themselves. April tells her story to Erik Sacks who is played by William Fichtner. Sacks and the Shredder had intentions on spoiling the city but the turtles made sure that did not happen. After defeating the shredder played by Tohoru Masamune they noticed that another was getting credit they should be getting. That forced them to make a drastic decision. They decided it is time they come out of the shadows. The Shredder comes back but is working for Krang. Krang is voiced by Brad Garret. Krang is a brain well equipped with a robotic body seeking to destroy the earth and enslave the universe. The Turtles work together to stop them Action and thrill made these movies more than anything.


Not all reboots are good. There was planet of the apes in 2001. Research shows that Tim Burton did not do a good job reigniting the franchise. Many were disappointed. They seemed more focused on profit than a story. Terminator Salvation in 2009 just had roles shifted but the same plot. It really was no difference in them. Same goes with these movies in this article. They were given a pass mostly because of the CGI, action and the thrill in them. In the Amazing Spider Man franchise Sally Fields who was Aunt may in the ones with Toby Maguire made it clear that the new one was not good. Research shows that The Amazing franchise almost never happened but they let it pass. Sony wanted to continue the original but took a chance with the new one. Tobey Maguire and Kristen Dunst were ready to return. There is a petition going around of people wanting the old Godzilla sequel vs the new one. Some thought it was boring. Despite it being full of CGI it was. The one in 1998 had a lot more. Ninja Turtles is an upgrade but not too much. It never really had a great plot. These films just had a more serious approach. Cool does not mean good simple as that. There are some real fans out there that are not just going to fall for it but there is a weak era that will. This era is weak

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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