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Rebuild of Evangelion 1.11 - Animated Film Review

Updated on May 12, 2015


Neon Genesis Evangelion also known as Eva, was first show in October 1995 and is still counted as one of the top anime series of it's kind. The series was written and directed by Hideaki Anno who used to be one of the members of Hayao Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli team.

The animation used was revolutionary for its time and even the remake is now using some of the latest techniques to produce the best quality effects. The series lasted 26 episodes but the fans were not happy with the original ending and a new alternate ending was created which just seem to cause more harm than good. This didn't stop is popularity and continue to win many awards and the heart of fans.

The Rebuild series of episodes / movie is going back over the original TV series and re-mastering them. This is to try and grow a new fan base in the next generation of teens who might not have seen the original, to please the fans who have been waiting for Evangelion to return in high quality and to allow the series to continue on as one of the greatest animes.


The Film

The Evangelion Rebuild film can only be labelled as weird. There is no other way of putting it they are just weird especially this first disk of the set.

I had never seen anything of the original Evangelion TV series so I thought that watching the Rebuild films would be a good idea to find out what all the fuss was about. I think it helps having an animation background because it made sense on a deep level but if your just watching the film normally within minutes you can get completely lost.

The problem is that the films are made up of the original 26 episodes and they are trying to cram as much information into the film as possible and because of this it has terrible pacing.

We find out very quickly that the world is being attacked by beings known as Angels which are trying to destroy the planet and every human a pone it. Humans have built extremely large robots known as Evas to fight these Angels but have the most annoying habit of running out of power. But these robots are not all machine and its worth watching the film to find out what these so called machines actually are.

Your pushed and pulled from one piece of information to another, one minute your sitting thinking wow this is weird, then your its oh poor character he can't win, then the next your sick of the character's attitude problem and then your sorry for him again as well as trying to keep up with what in the world is happening and the robots. There is so much going on in this first film it's actually hard to describe. But this is looking at it from just a normal viewer perspective.


If you look at the film from the perspective of the characters instead it makes an awful lot more sense or it did to me anyway. The characters in this film have very deeply routed connections to our own world. This means that the characters are going though emotions, have personalities and lives that respectable something in our own lives.

If you took these characters off the screen and put them into this world they could actually live here that is how well developed they are. Our main character Shinji is actually emotionally scared unable to ever please his father and losing his mother he feels as though there is no purpose in his life, he has been pushed from pillar to post his whole life no one really caring about him. Fuelled for most of this film by depression you get the feeling that he is given no choice but to fight the Angels yet suddenly he is told he does have a choice and wants to leave the organisation who run the Evas but then he is told he can't as its his duty and its all on him to save the day. This is when the film makes sense. A boy that is completely lost in a situation that frightens him to death feels like this huge responsibility of saving the world has been dropped on his shoulders and he doesn't know how to get out of it. However it's not until he starts to realize that there are other people in this battle against the evil forces of the world and that he has to care for them he starts to loosen up.


Most people tell me: 'Honestly Shinji is just a cry baby, wish he would get over it as he is completely useless what is the point of having him in'

If you see the character like that then you're totally wrong. You're not seeing the situation he has been put into, the stress, the frustration and the torment he puts himself though. Trying to persuade himself that he can do this, trying to fight his fears and nightmares and at some point his father might actually be proud of him for what he did.

If the character stayed that way I could see everyone's point but he doesn't. Shinji grows and develops as the film and the rest of the films continue. All the characters in this film are all like Shinji all have pasts and emotions that make the characters more believable.

There is some lovely character moments and unique character traits that show up frequently. For example Misato who is Shinji's flat mate has this tough calculating exterior when she is at work. But she has a past which is dark against her father and can relate to Shinji. She cares about her team which can sometimes cloud her judgement but a clear character trait is that as soon as she gets in from work the problems from the day are left at the door step and she really lets her hair down with a cold beer and a hot bath.

If you see the characters for who they really are this film is worth watching and you soon gain your favourites.


The animation is crisp and clean which is a big difference from the TV series where because they would blow their budget on the fight sequences they had to skimp from other places and drop the quality. Here they don't have that problem. Ok some places are better animated than others but you still get this amazing wow factor as you watch which is something I adore about this film.

The backgrounds and the sound in this film are amazing and have been thought out so well.

Because of the situation they are in the landscapes are constantly changing and moving. Who ever had to plan out all these sequences in the original TV series was a genius as even in the Rebuild films they are exceptionally done.

The music always adds to the emotion and the drama behind this film.

I wouldn't recommend this film for little kids or young teens as there is far too much going on and it can get quite gory at times as well. But if you like tension and action packed films this one is for you.

Just as I say its weird but you either love it or hate it and I am one of the ones that love it but there is problems with the pacing.

My rating is a 6 out of 10.

Rebuild of Evangelion and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

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