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Recap and Review of How to Get Away with Murder

Updated on October 19, 2014

Annalise Keating Wig comes off!

The latest episode, ‘Let’s Get to Scooping’ portrayed the star of this show and character in a better light. Having watched Viola Davis give great performances it was hard to stomach her flawed performance and horrible sobbing act with her costar Billy Brown’s character Nate Lahey during the episode of ‘Smile, or Go to Jail’. While watching the character break down in front of the cop she has been having an affair with, it was painful to watch and not one of her best acting moments. It was a let down.

In my opinion I wanted this character to be a ‘Boss Chic’ a woman in high power who didn't shed a tear or let anyone see her crawl and hear her beg. Viola redeemed herself when the wig came off and her face was wiped clean of that second skin that created a lighter skin appearance than her actual color. Though the wig was fine on her, when she took it off I smiled. Then the lashes and the makeup that made her 3 shades lighter. I loved it. That moment was a huge statement. I just hope everyone got it.

Some women do so much to fit into the eyes of society that we forget how beautiful we are. We forget who we were born to be-natural beauties. As women in general we do a lot to fit in and as women of color we do that and then some. For what and for who? The natural us to society is scary and or being to ethnic means we are creating a hostile environment for others. We can’t be true to ourselves if we want to be a part of society and be taken serious.

Viola’s character: beautiful, vulnerable and a woman in control when she confronted her husband. It was EPIC! The ill-fitting wings are a purposeful character flaw. No one does it better. Love this lady!


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