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Recap of Bob's Burgers Season 6 episode 2, The Land Ship

Updated on February 7, 2016

Bob’s Burgers Season 6 episode 2 aired on October 11th, 2015

At school during an educational assembly about the Land Ship. The kids are treated to the same yearly information about how the townsfolk fooled the British during the war of 1812, and Tina learns that her peers think she is boring. When Tina goes to renew a library book three days early, she learns that Jordan, one of her classmates who is also perceived as boring, is a secretly the tagger known as “Ghost Boy.”

Tina confronts him but instead of telling on Jordan, she starts hanging out with him. She starts sneaking out at night to tag with Jordan and isn’t getting enough sleep. Louise is suspicious of why Tina is hanging out with Jordan and of why she is so tired all the time, but she can’t come up with a good explanation to what is going on.

Meanwhile, Bob is excited when he finds out the Land Ship Parade has been rerouted on their street, as he knows it will be good for business, until he finds out that the organizers have decided to place port-a-potties in front of the restaurant. Unable to convince the workmen to place them in front of the empty storefront next door, Bob tries calling the city to no avail. He then decides to team up with Teddy and Linda to move the port-a-potties himself.

Jordan comes up with the idea of tagging the Land Ship’s sale, and Tina reluctantly agrees to help him. Afterward she feels guilty and wants to fix it, but she needs white paint and all the stores are closed. Luckily Gene reveals a big stash of white paint in the basement, which he had previously found down there along with some other cans he mistook it for marshmallow spread. Louise and Gene decide to help Tina fix the sail and the three of them sneak out of the house.

Thinking their kids are in bed, Bob and Linda Join Teddy to try to move the port-a-potties with Teddy’s truck. The port-a-potties almost tip over and Teddy drives off in a panic. Realizing there is nothing they can do, Bob and Linda decided to go back to bed. The Kids, however have better luck and manage to finish fixing the sail at the last possible second.

When the sail is unfurled, Jordan realizes Tina has betrayed him and doesn’t want to hang out with her anymore. Learning what Tina has been up to and how she fixed the sail, Tammy and the other kids develop a new found respect for Tina.

Bob discovers how to use the port-a-potties to his advantage, by selling his burgers to people who are in line waiting to use them, and it ends up being a great business day.


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