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Recap of Part 2 of The America's Got Talent 7 Auditions Episode

Updated on June 1, 2012

I thought we were finished with the St. Louis auditions for America's Got Talent 7. But the show decided to run a second hour of these auditions on Tuesday, May 29, 2012. This broadcast aired at 9 p.m. Eastern time. AGT said at the end of the broadcast that auditions will take place in Texas next week.

This article will recap the major action. Be aware that there were likely no big contenders during this episode. The first hour of St. Louis auditions for AGT 7 was much better in terms of talent.

Tom Bonham was the first auditioner. This turned out to be a joke act, but I'm not sure if Tom was playing along or being serious. He is a puppeteer but didn't really do anything but move the puppets around his little set while humming some song. It was just like watching a bunch of little girls play with their Barbie dolls or something like that. Howie pondered putting him through to Vegas on the idea that it was so horrible that it made him laugh. Howard and Sharon shot that down and sent him Tom home.

Isaac Brown was the next featured contestant. He is a 6-year-old singer who performed the Jackson 5 hit, "I Want You Back." Isaac is the classic America's Got Talent "cute kid" contestant. He has no chance of winning, but some small segment of the voters could easily push him through a round of live voting for being cute. Isaac is completely interchangeable with any other cute youngster, but some voters never get that. Some of the comments were funny, but he seemed to have memorized a script. Of course, he is off to Las Vegas with three thumbs up from the judges.

Spencer Horsman is the second escape act in as many nights to audition for America's Got Talent 7. Unlike Michael Griffin, Spencer makes it to Vegas. He calls himself the youngest escape artist in the world, which doesn't really make sense because he is now 26.

The rest of Part 2 of the St. Louis auditions was full of joke acts and one circus act (Cut Throat Freak Show). Only the latter actually made it through to Vegas, but their act of walking on glass, swallowing swords, and other freaky things will gross out the typical voter. No circus sideshow act like that ever does well on AGT.

Little Ozzy was one of the joke acts who auditioned. This little person was actually not that bad of a singer, but he paled in comparison to Ozzy, who is Sharon's husband. Little Ozzy sang "Mama, I'm Coming Home," and Sharon liked it because her husband wrote that song for her. But even Sharon said NO, as did the other two judges.

Ron Christopher Porter auditioned with a voiceover act. However, this was quickly buzzed because it did not seem to even qualify as an act. This is just not the right show for Ron. He needs to go straight to production companies or the like and apply for voiceover work. It is not a main attraction. Ron is as "gay acting" as they come, and the judges get him to hang out with Nick Cannon for the rest of the show, which turns out to be only one more contestant.

Curtis Cutts Bey was not a very good act, but they used him to have Nick and Ron come out and do some silly dancing. Curtis was buzzed, but he sang his Rick James song one more time while Nick and Ron did their ridiculous dance act behind him.

This was the end of a very mediocre St. Louis audition episode. It seemed like they just threw together a bunch of filler material instead of spreading out the contenders across the various episodes. No one from tonight stands a chance of winning America's Got Talent.


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