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Recap of The America's Got Talent 7 Auditions for New York City (Part 2)

Updated on May 23, 2012

This is a recap of Part 2 (the second original episode) of the New York City auditions for the 7th season of America's Got Talent. You can find the recap for Part 1 and my other America's Got Talent articles by checking out my Hubpages home page at

This episode aired at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Tuesday, May 22, 2012. Part 1 was on Monday. The judges for AGT 7 are Howard Stern, Sharon Osbourne, and Howie Mandel. Nick Cannon has also returned as the host.

Auditions for this season have been held in Los Angeles, St. Louis, and San Francisco. New York City is this week, and there will be several others in the weeks to come.

Contestants who pass the New York City round move on to the Las Vegas auditions. Winners at that level move to the live shows for AGT 7.

Recap of Contestants:

Ronald Charles is the first contestant. He is both a bad singer and dancer, and this is apparently just another joke audition. Howard brings hid dad on the stage to have a talk about responsibillity with Ronald. Of course, he does not go through to Vegas.

A slew of bad acts is up next who are all buzzed and sent home. One of the acts was Paulie and James, who tried some kind of dance while on roller skates.

The next contestant is the first one to get through to Vegas. He is comedian and ventriloquist John Pizzi. John uses a video screen to display an image of the judges in the form of a dummy head. He made fun of the judges and their "sexual tension." All three judges sent Pizzi to the next round.

Donovan and Rebecca are married. Donovan has a lot of muscles, and Rebecca has very nice abs for a chick. They are essentially a dance team that does acrobalance and aerials. Acrobalance is the art of balancing another person in the air in numerous body positions. It looks impressive because the woman can even hold up the man. Apparently, though, it is a technique that can be learned with practice even if you are not a strong person. They were ver graceful, and the judges all sent them to Vegas. Donovan and Rebecca did not do any aerials during this initial audition.

A group of acts were shown very briefly making it to Vegas.

Tom Cotter is the first pure standup comic to be shown that has made it to Vegas this year. There always seems to be one of two of these per year to make the Top 48 voting rounds. My guess is Tom is probably going to be Season 7's representative for the standup comedians in the Top 48.

Stepz is a dancer. He does contortionism, some breakdancing, and some excellent robotic and "slow motion" moves, as well. I thought he was way better than last week's Turf, but Howard seemed to completely contradict himself by saying that Stepz does not have a headline act. And Turf does, Howard? Stern said NO, but Sharon and Howie said YES and sent Stepz to the Las Vegas round.

The last group to audition on this second episode of New York City auditions is The Savage Men. These guys are all buff and in great shape, but they do a ridiculous posing and dancing routine. Howard joins them on stage and later says YES even though he had already buzzed them. Sharon and Howie say NO. Sharon said she likes men a little dirtier than them.

This second episode of New York City auditions for AGT 7 seemed almost like a joke. There were very few good auditions and no one that seemed like a contender. Hopefully, the Tampa Bay auditions next week will get back to some high-level talent.


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