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Recap of The America's Got Talent 7 Tampa Bay Audition Episode (May 28, 2012)

Updated on May 29, 2012

One of America's Got Talent's audition cities for Season 7 was Tampa Bay, Florida. The one-hour episode of the Tampa auditions aired on Monday, May 28, 2012. This turned out to be a rather weak audition episode. However, I personally enjoyed Ulysses and will be hoping he makes it to the voting rounds.

The first act to make it through to Las Vegas was Inspire The Fire. This is a singing and dancing troupe that is part of a nonprofit organization. The goal of the group is to provide an outlet for kids to show talent while staying off the streets. Inspire The Fire is also known by some fans as the "urban Glee." This act was okay by Glee standards, but it is not the level you expect of someone trying to win one million dollars.The judges highly praised the performance and gave Inspire The Fire three YES votes.

The NC Biking Bombshells were a group of sexy women clad in bikinis who did some less-than-average dance routine. It wasn't long before they were buzzed, and the Bikini Bombshells did not make it to Las Vegas.

The next part of the Tampa Bay auditions went really fast. They didn't even mention the acts' names, and they were all buzzed or rejected, anyway. Howie danced with some male dancer and told him NO so he wouldn't have to dance again.

All That is a clogging group. I immediately remembered an All That tap-dancing group from Season 1. It turns out that this might be the same actual group. This is just weird if they are letting someone come back who already made the finals in Season 1. Nevertheless, there was no mention of this in the Tampa auditions. And All That was unanimously sent to the Las Vegas auditions.

Alicia is a Hula Hoop artist, and she made it to Vegas. Jonathan is a magician, and he also makes it to the next round. The Boss male contemporary dance team makes it to Vegas with them. I didn't get the last names of Alicia and Jonathan because they did not flash the names on the screen. This was a very fast segment, so it seems these three are probably not producers' favorites.

There are three more featured auditions for the Tampa Bay episode. Michael Griffin is the first one, and he is a 50-year-old escape artist. Michael instructed Howard to tie him up, and he was able to easily escape. The judges all said NO because the rope was not on tight enough to make it a real escape.

The next group is The Distinguished Men of Brass. These guys are from Tampa and used to work in a theme park. They formed the group after being laid off. The Distinguished Men of Brass are like one of those college marching bands that loves to dance. They also do some singing. The judges really exaggerated the talent of this group. All of the elements were high-school-level talent. Nonetheless, they got to Las Vegas with three YES votes from the judges.

The act that closed the show was singer Ulysses. He is some kind of throwback artist that does TV theme songs. Ulysses sang The Love Boat theme song, and he has a very smooth, effortless voice. Howie and Sharon loved it and said YES. Howard wanted to hear more and had him sing the theme songs to Green Acres and The Addams Family. After all that, Howard still said NO. Two votes is enough, so Ulysses is going to Vegas.

This was the end of the Tampa Bay, Florida audition for America's Got Talent 7. On Tuesday, May 29, 2012, the show will air another original hour of St. Louis auditions after a one-hour rerun of NYC auditions. The new episode airs at 9 p.m. Eastern time.


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