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Recebba Ferguson Odds to Win X Factor 2010 (Series 7)

Updated on October 1, 2010

Classic Cowell: Image over Substance

Rebecca Ferguson, clearly one of the most beautiful contestants to ever appear on X Factor, has reportedly made the live voting rounds for X Factor 2010. For watchers of American Idol, Rebecca is like Megan Joy 2.0. She's extremely beautiful, and money-hungry producers and hormone-crazy voters will gush over her. She has just enough of a unique vocal tone (not surprisingly, just like Megan Joy) that Rebecca lovers will find a way to claim she has talent. But in the end, she stands about as much of a chance of winning X Factor as I do of making it into the English Premier League.

To put it mildly, Rebecca is like a Leona Lewis but without the talent. At least Leona has a huge range and good vocal control. Rebecca, like Megan Joy, does not have this kind of talent. She sounded exactly the same in her bootcamp audition as she did when singing "A Change is Gonna Come" for her first audition. There is no versatility, and all except the previously mentioned money-hungry producers and hormone-crazed voters will see that she is a one-trick pony within a couple of weeks. She may last a bit longer, but she certainly won't win. Anyone who watches these shows knows that an average singer with no personality never wins. Only so many crazed voters will be around to vote for her despite her lack of talent. Everyone else will abandon her and go for contestants like Cher Lloyd or Matt Cardle (like, you know, the ones who actually have talent).

The funny thing was to see the same lack of personality and stage presence n the bootcamp round that we saw in Rebecca Ferguson's first audition. She strangely looks down and almost never makes eye contact. This was forgivable for the first audition, but she did the same exact thing yet again during the bootcamp audition.

None of this is to say that Rebecca can't be successful in the music industry. That racket is hardly about talent, anyway. But you DO need some decent talent to win X Factor and similar shows. Contestants like Rebecca Ferguson are chosen for looks, not for singing talent. They are chosen for TV ratings, not as legitimate contenders. Come on. The girl doesn't even have a personality on stage. She doesn't even look at the audience. It's a joke pick just like Megan Joy was.

Her fans will come up with words like "quirky" or some other kind of nonsense to try to say that Rebecca is talented. Quirkiness is fine, but it needs to be refined and versatile quirkiness. Otherwise, the quirkiness is merely a gimmick and rationalization for her being on the show. She will sound like a broken record with no versatility within a couple of weeks. She may stick around longer because, well, let's be honest. The public are slow learners.

In the end, though, Rebecca Ferguson will get some nice exposure from X Factor and may parlay that into some kind of singing or similar entertainment career. She could certainly be a cover-girl model or something like that (or an actor if she grows a personality). But a talent show is still a talent show in the end. Rececca Ferguson has zero chance of winning X Factor 2010.


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    • profile image

      Kikke 7 years ago

      IGNORANT! :)

    • profile image

      george 7 years ago

      you have to remember he is a dumb yank

    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      just shows what the ignorant twat knows about music and vocals, she is the next best thing and i put a few hundred on her at 6-1, easy money!

    • profile image

      june 7 years ago

      agree rebecca to win!! the most professional act in the show. Why condemn her? she has class and an amazing voice. She is already on par with world class divas and we are only week 4. Watch that space.

    • profile image

      Andy 7 years ago

      Are you kidding me? Rebecca is note and pitch perfect. She has a fantastic voice, reminiscent of Ella Fitzgerald and some early Diana Ross. To write a piece that ludicrously attacks Rebecca and says she isn't talented, unlike Cher Lloyd, is absolutely laughable. Cher Lloyd will be a limited pop 'star' who will be more about hype and marketing, Rebecca is a singer in the truest form. Proper music lovers know and understand the difference.

    • profile image

      mark 7 years ago

      Like Leona Lewis she is one of the only xfactor contestants that will record songs for years to come and become a diva, ive already backed her! Your comments are utter rubbish and show what you really know about music.

    • profile image

      selena 7 years ago

      You are so wrong! She has a soulful voice. Mark my word, she will win, no doubt.

    • profile image

      AlwaysRight 7 years ago

      We'll see. I'd put my money on her right now. I think your assessment of her is off - I think she'll get stronger. And I definitely think she'll win.