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Recent Hollywood franchise disasters

Updated on March 28, 2015

Liam Neeson in Taken 3

Liam Neeson in Taken 3
Liam Neeson in Taken 3

Recent Hollywood Franchise Disasters

I always get very disappointed when I think a movie is going to be good and then it turns out to be either bad or very bad. I am sometimes even angered when a great movie franchise is ruined because of the guaranteed "built in" audience and money so the producers completely forget to write a script or even come up with a decent story.

The most recent example of a great movie franchise being ruined was the movie Dumb and Dumber to. This movie had the same exact story structure as the first movie which came out in 1994 and considering it was 20 long years since the last movie, you would think that a new idea or story would have came to the producers before they rushed to get this movie out to the general public. This movie was worse than just bad, it was not funny. Nobody in the audience was laughing and I certainly wasn't laughing and as a matter of fact i was looking at my watch constantly hoping that the two hours of watching this horrible movie would finally be up.

I was even more disappointed over the 3rd and last movie in the Taken franchise. This movie was just thrown together with a horrible script and all the money was given to Liam Neeson rather than hiring a great writer to come up with a really great story idea. This movie made no sense throughout and the ending was so bad that they had to go back and show parts of scenes earlier in the movie to explain the incredibly convoluted and insane plot to somehow explain to the audience what happened. I cannot remember seeing this in a movie before and this way of explaining a bad movie is the best evidence that I can remember that proves that Taken 3 was a very bad movie. The first Taken movie was great, one of the best action movies I have ever seen. The second Taken movie was just OK and was a big drop from the first one. The third Taken movie should never have been made.

There are many more great franchises that have been ruined over the years, probably the best example is Godfather 3 which came out in 1990. This movie was average at best, and came out 16 years after Godfather 2, but the producers thought they had "built in" money because the movie had the word Godfather in the title, so it was made when it never should have been made.

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