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Recommended Classic Movie for Youngsters Who Hate Black And White Movies

Updated on February 11, 2013

Black and White Movie? Hell No!

Most of us youngsters are so used to movies filled with cgi and cool special effects, and whatnot, that just the thought of watching a movie in black and white puts us off right away. At least I know I'm like that. And so are many of my friends. I mean, we grew up watching cgi movies, we're so used to advanced special effects and high definition movies that movies in black and white just look so ridiculous to us.

How about we forget about fast cars and cool soundtracks, nudity, gore, explosions, panoramic background scenes, even sexy heroines and muscular heroes and all of those things? Think a black and white movie might appeal to you? Hey, sometimes black and white pictures are much more beautiful than pictures with colors, you know? And after all, probably half of those advanced cgi movies are crappy movies with crappy plots anyway. The explosions, nudity, and sexy heroines are what make those movies. Without those, they're just none other than unwatchful crappy movies. I'm not saying all of them, but you gotta agree there are movies today that rely too much on cgi and special effects. Not to mention that some cgi sequences are badly done in some movies too.

So how about switching to a black and white movie for a bit and try to enjoy it for what it is? If you must watch just one black and white movie, let 12 Angry Men be it. It is a classic movie done in black and white, no special effects, no car chasing, no sex scenes or romances, no nothing, there's not even a single female character in the movie, and the whole movie basically just happens in one room filled with twelve angry men. Sounds disastrous, but it's actually the complete opposite.

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What Is The Movie About?

The movie is about 12 jurors who needed to decide if a boy is guilty or not guilty for the murder of his father. If the boy is found guilty, he will be sent to the electric chair. The jury had to reach a verdict "unanimously" or they must retire from the case without declaring a verdict. And they're angry little jurors. Those Angry Birds can't be angrier than these jurors.

Different people have different reasons for praising this movie, but for me personally, it's the way the character of each juror being developed to a certain level throughout the movie, making each one of them a believable living person, and making their character more than just being one dimensional. And they accomplish this only through dialogues and body language. To me this is the best thing about the movie that makes it so great. We don't even need to know the names of these jurors (we never got to know their names except for the two of them from the final scene).

I think it's exceptional that a movie done in black and white with no advanced technology back then can grasp you this way and make you sit tight in your seat. But I need to remind you, the movie isn't great for its plot. I mean, though to me the plot is still great, I don't think it is the main dish of the movie. The movie isn't about that. Someone could watch the movie and then complain about how dumb the jury are to come to their verdict, or how stupid this one juror to flip sides like flipping coins, so on so forth. That, is if someone thinks the movie is about its plot, which means they're clearly missing the more beautiful thing in the movie.

It's as simple as this; the whole movie is a forest. Every little detail in it is a tree. Someone could miss how beautiful the trees are when they just concentrate on the forest.

I wish there are movies as good as this one these days. Movies that don't need all the gimmicks to be a good movie. This movie just relies on great actors, and great script. A true masterpiece. Give it a try.

You Watch Great Movies More Than Just Once. Enough Said.

Sometimes you just want to watch great movies more than just once. Have it in Blu-Ray or DVD for your collection, and you can watch it anytime you want, how many times you want.

For those who still don't like black and white movies and this movie in particular after watching 12 Angry Men...... sorry you are one of the minority. Just saying. But you can still vent and pour your heart out on the comment section below!


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