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Recommending Real Action Movies That are Very Entertaining and Very Action Oriented

Updated on January 31, 2013

What are the movies?

In my movie watching experience, no other genre has captured me in the moment than action movies. I love watching the talent of creating stunts, creating explosions, choreographing gunfights, and other physical contact that make a great action movie. Granted, I am not in favor of gun violence in real life in particular, but only for the purpose of entertainment. In the genre of action movies, there have been many that were made but only a few have stood out as great action entertainment. There are also a few that have managed to carve a great story and character development while continuing to show the action of the movie. Unfortunately, there are many movies that have been classified as action but have been made without much action. Regardless, I will be putting down a list of movies that has a lot of action and that I believe includes a great story and character. There will be somewhere it's all just action.

1st: Saving Private Ryan

Directed by Steven Spielberg and Starring Tom Hanks and Matt Damon, this movie captures the moment when the United States, along with Great Britain and Canada, goes to battle during D-Day on the beaches of Normandy, France. While in France, a group of soldiers are sent on a mission to bring back a soldier with the last name Ryan. Those group of men accept the mission and what happens next becomes a struggle and battle of their lives. On the first scene of the movie, there are many soldiers who are being shot and blown up to pieces. The action of that scene is gruesome and violent. Many guns are fired and many explosions take place. This scene goes on for about a good 15-20 minutes. The last thirty minutes before the end of the film is the same thing with many guns and explosions. Overall, it should be understandable that war is hell, and for that Saving Private Ryan will be the closest of what our grandfathers experienced and suffered fighting for the freedom of humanity

2nd: Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Directed by James Cameron and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, this movie is about two machines that are sent back through time by a leading self-operating computer machine called Skynet who is at war against humanity in the future. One is sent to kill John Connor, the leader of the human resistance battling Skynet. The other is sent to protect him. The movie gives a great storyline and the relationship between John and The Terminator develops rapidly. The action is very heavy and James Cameron manages to capture scenes that to this day have not been replicated by other recent action directors. Maybe Michael Bay. But the way he choreographs it makes it feel like he's making the action scenes as part of a story. In between actions, he knows when it is the time to use heavy gunfights and when it is not necessary and uses alternatives to keep the action going. Regardless, it is a great movie (one of my favorites of all time) and you will not be disappointed.

3rd: Face/Off

Directed by John Woo and starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage, it is about a veteran FBI agent who is hunting a known terrorist that is about to blow up Los Angeles with a nuclear bomb. But the agent and the terrorist have a personal history against each other. So it becomes apparent that the agent is pursuing the terrorist as a personal vengeance while it puts a strain on his family relationships. The terrorist is captured with a severe head trauma after a huge gunfight, causing him to fall unconscious, but the codes needed to disarm the bomb are still intact in his memory. So the agent does the unthinkable, literally switch his face with the terrorist and becomes his nemesis and tries to get info from the brother. The action of the movie is phenomenal. John Woo is known as a great action director with his previous movies back in Hong Kong and he manages to blend his Hong Kong style of action along with Hollywood style action. The Hong Kong style is that heavy action is taken place at the beginning of the movie and after that the story starts. So this movie is great and heavyloaded with gunfights from top to bottom and the characters will get into your heart and emotions.

4th: Hard Boiled

Directed by John Woo and starring Chow Yun-Fat, this movie is about a hard nosed Hong Kong police detective who is investigating a huge gun smuggling activity taking place in Hong Kong. All evidences point out to a known crime syndicate involved. But when the detective tries to capture him, obstacles come in the way from the department and an unknown person is infiltrating and working with both crime families, having an agenda of his own. This was the pinnacle of John Woo's film career in Hong Kong and although it's not made in Hollywood, it's what finally made Hollywood to recognize his talents and invite him to come direct movies. What made this movie to make Hollywood look at his talents is the amount of action he made including one scene where the camera follows the gunfights for two minutes without any editing and camera tricks which I think is the greatest shot ever made in action movies. Watch it and you will be amazed and dazzled from beginning to end.

5th: Red Dawn (1985 version)

Directed by John Milius and starring Patrick Swayze and Charlie Sheen, this movie tells the story of a group of high school teenagers who are suddenly thrust into an invasion made by the Soviet Union and its allies against the United States. They run away for cover, but then prepare and train themselves to fight back the invading armies, resulting in their naming of the group, The Wolverines. This movie is the definitive "what if" scenario where the powerful United States is suddenly invaded by one of it's enemies. We see that there are brave men and women who are willing to fight for their country in times of need. As for the action, Milius keeps throwing dead Comrade bodies a lot of times throughout the film with the use of many gunfights and explosions. This movie also made the Guinness Book of World Records for 1985 as the movie with the most violent body counts. You will definitely be entertained throughout the film and marvel at it's action sequences, feeling that it would not stop.

6th: Live Free or Die Hard

Directed by Len Wiseman and starring Bruce Willis, this is the fourth of the Die Hard film franchise. Pretty much the whole world knows of the character John McClane and in this storyline, a group of hackers led by a former government agent gone rogue are causing havoc and online terrorism on America's computer systems. McClane is put on duty to pick up a lone hacker to the nearest police precinct, not knowing that the hacker is the next target for the shadow group. What results is one of the most entertaining action movie I've ever seen for the franchise. When I saw it on the big screen, I couldn't hold my seat as I was dazzled by the sequences and it literally made me want to see the previous Die Hard films, which of course this is the best so far. Trust me, you will watch this movie all over again.

7th: Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Directed by Michael Bay and starring Shia LaBoeuf, this is the third of the Transformers franchise. This movie now sees Optimus Prime and the Autobots waging a final war against Megatron and the Decepticons. But someone in the Autobots have betrayed them and worked for Megatron and a human has also worked for the Decepticons. In the usual Michael Bay movies, there are plenty of action and explosions, and this movie is the most out of the three. You will definitely enjoy this two and a half hour entertainment and in my opinion it is the most patriotic movie out of the franchise.

8th: Robocop

Directed by Paul Verhoeven and starring Peter Weller, this movie tells the story about a Detroit cop where, one day, he gets caught up by a group of dangerous criminals. The group brutally murders him and gets away with it. A powerful corporation working with the Detroit Police Department revives the cop and turns him into a fighting machine with the name given as Robocop and he starts using his invincibility to reduce crime in Detroit. But his memory of the criminals that brutally murdered him goes on to hunt them with a vengeance and finds out on who was behind his murder. Paul Verhoeven makes action movies with lots of blood but manages to make it as action instead of turning it into a horror movie. But there are many gunfights throughout the film and the way the criminals are portrayed, you would just want them to be brought to justice, probably even want them dead.

9th: Black Hawk Down

Directed by Ridley Scott and starring Josh Hartnett and Ewan McGregor, the movie recounts the event that took place back in 1992 when U.S forces are sent on a mission to Somalia. When rebel groups of thousands hear the oncoming forces, they start grouping and arming themselves and start waging a war against them, resulting the Americans in a fight for their lives. This movie makes it feel like that it was actually shot in a real war and and in a real place. Ridley Scott manages to perfectly shoot the scenes with many extras acting as Somalians. Its non-stop action keeps you on the edge of your seat and thrusts you in one of the recent wars of the 1990's.

10th: The Expendables

Directed by and starring Sylvester Stallone, a group of mercenaries are hired on a mission to a South American island to depose a dictator being aided by a rogue CIA agent. What results is a huge and explosive battle between the mercenaries and the dictators huge army. This movie puts together action veterans from the mid 1980s and early 1990s working together in one action epic. And one scene shows three legendary action stars exchanging words together. Regardless, the action is stunning and Stallone delivers a knockout punch of an action movie and knows what audiences really like.


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