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Red Cinemas in Greensboro, North Carolina - A Review

Updated on October 17, 2017
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Red Cinemas located in Greensboro, North Carolina

Red Cinemas located on Battleground Avenue in Greensboro, North Carolina is a movie theater of choice for when you want to go to see a movie. Red Cinemas in Greensboro, North Carolina offers a clean atmosphere. The ambience at Red Cinemas is pleasant and warm. At Red Cinemas, there is modern contemporary furniture in the interior everywhere from the tables and chairs in lobby near the concession stands to the updated reclining seats in the movie viewing rooms. Red Cinemas features comfortable reclining faux leather red and black seats in the movie viewing rooms.

My favorite things in the architecture and design at this movie theater are the unique chandeliers made from champagne glasses as pictured in the photograph. You can see these huge chandeliers as soon as you look up at the ceiling from the entryway of the Red Cinemas movie theater. Of course, the chandeliers are turned off at times but if you go to the Red Cinemas movie theater in the evening, after dark, you while find the chandeliers brightly lit and quite beautiful. With a red and black color scheme, Red cinemas has eye catching red walls on the interior. There is even red and black in the carpet design.

Red Cinemas hosts a summer movie series for youth and more

Our family goes to Red Cinemas most often during the summers as we especially did last summer and this summer. We enjoy taking advantage of the reduced price summer movie series for the kids. At a cost of just $1, children and their accompanying adults can view movies that are older, not new releases. Some examples of these movies have included Sunny with a Chance of Meatballs and How to Train Your Dragon.

Sometimes, children just love that experience of the seeing the movie in the movie theater, on the big screen at it does not matter that much to them if the movie is a couple of years old, instead of being a brand new release. This summer deal at Red Cinemas and some other area movie theaters in Greensboro, North Carolina is a wonderful deal to take advantage of. These low cost movies can often include snacks such as popcorn and a drink in a package deal, but that will still be reasonably priced at $4 or less. The summer movie series for youth is usually a morning or early afternoon special. This past summer, to take advantage of the deal, the kids and I have gone to the movies as early as 9:30am.

Nevertheless, we also enjoy going to Red Cinemas in the evenings at times, when those chandeliers that I mentioned are brightly lit and beautiful. Red Cinemas as a great place for an evening outing. In past years, I have been to free Oscar viewing parties at Red Cinemas. A free event for the community, at Red Cinemas, you can views the annuals Oscars awards ceremony as well as the pre-show red carpet event on the big screen in the movie theater and enjoy some complimentary snacks as well.

When you are paying regular price to go to the movies at Red Cinemas, even the regular prices are reasonable in comparison to many other movie theaters. A child’s ticket for an evening movie showing it typically around $7.50. The cost for an adult to see an evening movie at the theater is typically approximately $12.50 for the reclined seating that is considered luxury seating.

As with most movie theaters, the regular priced snacks at the concession stand are marked up quite a bit. Overall, going to Red Cinemas is an enjoyable experience with interesting design and décor as well as cleanliness in the lobby, viewing rooms and rest rooms. After your first visit to Red Cinemas in Greensboro, North Carolina, you will feel encouraged to return there in the future for more of your entertainment outings.

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