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Red Dog Wanderer from the Pilbara

Updated on March 14, 2024
Eileen Hughes profile image

WRITING -I love writing about anything at all, if they help someone that is great. I also write poems and short stories. I hope you enjoy

Red Dog is the story of a dog that ruled many people of the Pilbara for years. He had them wrapped around his little paws. There are so many stories as to who this wonderful dog originally belonged to in fact I believe he along with many other people all thought he was their dog. His heart was so big that he made friends with whoever he met on his travels.

As we drove around Australia we listened to both the CD’s of the Red Dogs adventures as he traveled from town to town and laughed throughout both of them. We also purchased one of the books about his adventures. When we arrived in Dampier we made sure to visit his monument. We introduced my dog Titan to Red Dog sharing his monument with him, and took their pictures together. Red dog was a much larger dog than ours.

As the story goes Red dog was believed to be a cross between a Red Kelpie and a cattle dog. This dog would travel from town to town traveling in cars, or even stopping trains to hitch a ride to the next town and his next feed. He also traveled on the company bus always occupying the front seat, until a certain lady stood up to him where no other man had ever dared to do.

Red Dog with our Blue Heeler Titan


Australian Movie Red Dog

Australia is at present in the process of making a movie about this wonderful Red Dog. If it is anything like the CD or one of his books then you are in for a real good laugh. From what I can see they are filming part of this is South Australia later this year. Shame it could not be filmed totally in the towns where his story is so well known. Also I am hoping that they will use an all Australian cast for this movie to do Red Dog proud.

Red dog became a legend in his own right after roaming thousands of kilometers, traveling from town to town often helping himself to the best meat on any barbecue available. These escapades did not always go unscathed, he found himself in all sorts of trouble from time to time. Usually after one of these feeds he could generally clear a room in a matter of seconds after one of his releases of flatulence.

Red dog was a fully paid up member of the Transport Workers Union. He used to sit beside the road and wait for people to stop and pick him up, in cars, trucks, buses or trains.

He had no qualms as to how he traveled as long as he reached his destination, in fact he would not get off until he reached that destination.

Like everyone he also made his enemies although throughout his story he made many more friends than enemies. If you have the chance, this is a must see movie. If you cannot see the movie buy one of his CD’s or one of the books on his adventures. He truly was a well loved and wonderful dog.

A Dogs Life - the Movie about Red Dog

The movie "A Dogs Life" is out. This movie is about the Red Dog that wandered all over the Pilbara in Australia's North West. His escapades amused thousands of people who all would loved to have him as their dog. Instead he would travel, by car, bus, train, truck or whichever way he could con a ride to the place of his choice.

He appeared to know where he was going and would soon let you know when he had arrived at his destination.

The movie is based on this wonderful Red Dog and the stories told by the people who knew him during his time spent with them. I hope this movie "A dogs life" captures the imagination of its viewers as much as the many books and audio recordings have done before it.

© 2010 Eileen hughes


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