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Red Solo Cup

Updated on August 29, 2012

I fill you up. Let's have a party!

Some people love the Red Solo Cup song, and some people hate it. Even Toby Keith admitted it was stupid. Whether you think it's the best song ever created or a pile of garbage, you have to admit it is undoubtedly the most popular party song. It's catchy and the lyrics are easy to follow along with.

If you've ever been to a party, you've most likely used a red Solo cup. And if you've used a red Solo cup, then you can probably relate with Toby Keith that it is the best party cup. If that's the case, you will most definitely enjoy this lens. Not only does it feature the Red Solo Cup music video, but it also has the lyrics to the song and some really cool red Solo cup merchandise. Scroll down and let's proceed to party.

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"This is stupid, but it's freakin' awesome ... It's like you're almost embarrassed to say that you like it. And I love it." - Toby Keith

Listen to the Song

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Did you answer yes to the above poll? If you love the song so much why don't you marry it?

Red Solo Cup Halloween Costume

Don't just have a party, BE the party. This is a great costume to wear to a Halloween party, or any party that involves drinking.


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    • QuirkySue profile image

      QuirkySue 6 years ago

      I love this lens! I also really like the song, no matter how many people hate it. :D