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If you build it they will come! - I hope.

Updated on July 14, 2015

I am always look for a great read. Especially that of films. I enjoy learning about what people have to say about a particular movie or just the entertainment business in general that it is something I would like to be a part of for the rest of my life. I want to be in the thick of things, with like-minded people, bouncing ideas off of each other, getting into discussions, giving and respecting opinion, but ultimately having that love of moving pictures that make it one of the worlds biggest art forms. I would like to bring those people together.

I have created a Facebook page, which someday I plan to make a podcast out of and maybe even a website with events and yearly contests. I did this to bring awareness to the world of positive journalism that I'm afraid is fading.

In an earlier hub, I wrote an article about how the world needs Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert back again, because they taught us how to critically pick apart and understand a movie. Not that they agreed with each other all of the time, but that's okay, non of us do! But they were well spoken, intelligent men and I use to love going to the Chicago Sun-Times website to read reviews that Roger Ebert had written and posted. I have studied them and I try to view a film with those same eye's if I could. It saddens me that I can't go on there anymore, and while there are other good sites to provide what I need, I learned my most by reading and watching At the Movies. Rolling Stone does have Peter Travers, who I think is the last great critic of that generation i believe and when he goes who will replace them? I wanna find and inspire that next great film writer, that next great film critic. I would hope that if anyone is interested in sharing their work to please come and follow my Facebook page. I want to get a network going where if you want to add your Hubpages link onto the Reel Snobs Facebook page to get others to notice your work feel free to do so. If you have a blog an/or Podcast post the link as well and even your own opinions and pictures of movies you have seen and loved, or hated really, really much. I've already attached some of my reviews on here on my page and even written a few extras such as things about actors and Hollywood in general. I will even do my best to stay current on big movie news and trailer releases.

The page doesn't have much likes now but I'm in the beginnings of promoting it. We need you! The more you like and share the bigger it will get and then you will have an audience to share your work with. I may even throw out fun activities with prizes to keep things exciting. I hope to see you all there, the link is right here: Enjoy.


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