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Reema Sen hot and sexy South Indian Masala Star

Updated on April 5, 2015

Mini Biography of Reema Sen

Name : Reema Sen

Date of Birth :29th October 1981

Profession : Movie Actress, Entertainment model.

Debut Movie : Chitram (Telugu Movie)

Iconic Glamor Star of Reema Sen

Reema Sen is another hot sexy and popular movie stars in India film industry .Reema start her movie life by modeling and after that she moves to acting.She is one of the very seductive actress who got great potential in performance arts. Reema sen is much popular in south Indian regional language movie such as Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Apart form South Indian movie Reema also popular in Bengali and Hindi movie too. The most popular movie of Reema Sen is "Minnale" and she performed that movie opposite to popular movie actor Madhavan. She is one of the most exceptional actress in south Indian cinema and she got hot and tempting eyes. Reema sen is much popular due to her glamor based characters.

This stunning beauty got abnormal talent and she got great facial expression that use for enhance the glamor in the cinema.Reema sen also did great performance in Chellame Tamil movie and she acted that movie opposite to Tamil actor Vishal. The combination of Vishal and Reema Sen brought great Tamil movie which were blockbuster hits. This hot actress got great skills and She is also famous as a commercial actress and also got great sens of high fashions.The performance style of Reema Sen is very unique and this star got better recognition in Indian cinema as a commercial glamor actress.

Cinema Career of Reema Sen

After the success in South Indian cinema she enter to Hindi cinema (Bollyood) but she was unable to get much success and stable in Hindi cinema and some films which she act in Hindi language got flopped so now she is much bound to Tamil and Telugu films. Most of her movies got much famous due to her glamor performance and another memorable movie of Reema Sen is Ayurathi Oruwan. She acted that movie opposite to popular Tamil actor Karthi and got so many positive critics for the performance in that movie. Reema Sen has acted more movies in South Indian cinema and acted some few North Indian Hindi and Bengali movies too. She is now acting quite few movies per year compare to her past successful years.

Reema Sen gorges beauty of Indian cinema

Reema Sen Glamor Performance

Reema Sen was much popular in acting glamor and negative roles. She proves her talents in performing negative roles in Vallavan and Aayirathi Oruwan. Reema sen represents South Indian entertainment industry for long period and she also acted few north Indian Hindi and Bengali movies but unable to get success through it. However Reema sen could able to get much success as a actress in South Indian cinema and she achieved it and became one of a glories actress in South Indian cinema. This hot actress enhance her glamor appearance with high fashion look and she acted more performance with ultra model characters in her movies. She got wider experience of performance and she maintain her figure very well for do the glamor and sensual performances.

Some hot songs form Reema Sen

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Reema Sen as a Glamor Icon

Reema sen did great performance in negative roles and she nominated for several awards for the negative performance and she is one of very unique actress who could able to perform negative and positive character at the same time.The fame of Reema spread all around the South Indian entertainment industry and she got more and more offers to perform South Indian movies.

Hot Picture of Reema Sen

Some memorable movies of Remma Sen

Year of Released
Jodi Kya Banayi Wah Wah Ramji
Malamaal Weekly
Yamagola Malli Modalayindi
Gangs of Wasseypur

Glamor performance of Reema sen in Aayirathil Oruvan movie

Personal Life of Reema Sen

Reema sen married to Shive Kara Singh and they have a boy.After her marriage she didn't perform or take part in any movie. The movies which she acted in end of 2012 got much famous than beginning of her career. Reema sen got more and more critics for the performance in Gangs of Wasseypur and Aayirathil Oruvan. However She make her mark on South Indian cinema as actress which can't forget. She is now appearing in very few movies compare to old days but the performance which she made on is still memorable.

Modeling Career of Reema Sen

Reema sen is also popular for modeling and she represents several leading fashion shows and glamor events in South India.Reema sen got perfect figure for modeling and she maintains her figure very well over longer period.However she is one of the finest hot actress and great assets in South Indian cinema. Reema Sen maintain her figure very well and that lead her to be stable in movie industry over a decade.

Apart of acting in films she also involved in advertisement for commercial establishments, participating in stage shows, award functions. However Reema Sen is one of very beautiful actress which are having bright future in performance arts. Personally I like the performance of this wonderful actress and I have published several beautiful pictures of Reema Sen with this hub.


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