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Reflections About Churchill's Cigar Stub that sold for $8138, etc.

Updated on March 14, 2015
Half-smoked cigar that Churchill stubbed out as he heard the Nazi ...
Half-smoked cigar that Churchill stubbed out as he heard the Nazi ...

About Churchill's cigar stub

I am going to say something on the things related to the late British Prime Minister WINSTON CHURCHILL that were bought at auctions such as his Cigar Stub that sold for $8138, his ashtray that fetches 4,200 pounds, his old Chesterfield sofa that sells for 7,500 pounds and his false teeth that auctioned for $24,600;

Reflections About Churchill's Cigar Stub that sold for $8138, etc. Elvis Presley's hair
Reflections About Churchill's Cigar Stub that sold for $8138, etc. Elvis Presley's hair

About Presley's hair

Likewise I am going to comment on the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll ELVIS PRESLEY possession that were bidded to the public through auction establishments, such as the Christmas Card that he sent to his grandfather, his hair which sold for $15,000. Marilyn Monroe's unopened bottle of perfume Chanel No. 5  that went for $9,375 in June 2010. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Marilyn Monroe's unopened bottle of perfume Chanel No. 5 that went for $9,375 in June 2010. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

About Monroe's perfume bottle; Jackson's glitter glove and Giacometti's Walking Man ...

I would also touch about sex symbol Marilyn Monroe’s chest x-rays that commanded a price of $45,000, her souvenir check which she signed that sells for $2375 and her Chanel No. 5 perfume bottle for $9375, about the King of Pop MICHAEL JACKSON’s glitter glove that auctioned for $192,000 and also about Swiss Sculptor Alberto Giacometti's 'Walking Man I' that fetched for USD 104,327,006 which become the world’s most expensive work of art ever sold at an auction.  Jackson Glitter-Glove Jackson Glitter-Glove

Query to ponder

Generally, I would ask: “What, if the owners of these items were ordinary persons, will world-renowned collectors take interest in such odd articles as cigar butts, sofa, false teeth, Christmas card, hair, souvenir check, perfume bottle, gloves, bronze sculpture, etc.? I doubt. But when items collector are sure that auctioned articles are truly owned by celebrities and famous personalities, they’ll go head over heels to outgun each other during auction sales. They’ll buy even seemingly useless things. / Giacometti's "Walking Man,"1960 / Giacometti's "Walking Man,"1960

Profit from resale

To collectors who are already moneyed, what is important isn’t the item itself but the personality it relates with, it attaches to. The items cigar stub, sofa and false teeth with Churchill trademark and the articles Christmas card and hair with Presley’s trade name, as well as the souvenir check, perfume bottle and the chest x-rays bearing the Monroe’s signature, including the current owner-collectors of Michael Jackson’s gloves and the bronze sculpture will someday- given the ripe time-awake to reap profits from the resale of these articles. Ownership of salable items changed hands.


The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.
Pablo Picasso Bespoke Post Review - Churchill Box Ashtray Bespoke Post Review - Churchill Box Ashtray

Ordinary people owns more glamorous items, but don't sell

Ordinary people can even put up better items as compared to the cigar stub, sofa and false teeth, christmas card, hair, chest x-rays, souvenir check, perfume bottle ,gloves and a bronze sculpture, but what trade name to attach. Think of the great advertisement behind the subject collector items. In referring to Churchill’s false teeth, historian Jane Hughes of London’s Hunterian Museum has called them “the teeth that saved the world.” You have to perform super feats or mimicked Presley’s rock ‘n’ roll antics before you can sell even a strand of your hair.

Elvis Presley's bible sells for £59,000 /
Elvis Presley's bible sells for £59,000 /

Collector's items meantime hibernate

Meantime, these items are kept together with the rest of the collection. Collections of all sorts are sources of joy, happiness and satisfaction that owners get. They are glad when they make a sale and so when their collection increases.

They’re like children at play with their toys.

 Monroe's chest x-ray
Monroe's chest x-ray

Celebrities matter

Marilyn Monroe’s memory as a symbol of sex is still deeply engraved in the minds of people so whatever property she has when auctioned sells like hot cakes. It’s no wonder why a perfume bottle sells for $9375.. King of Pop Michael Jackson enthralled audiences the world over with his Moonwalk and Circle Slide classic dance moves, wearing his signature gloves that sells for $192,000.

Michael Jackson Collection - INFORMATION IN ENGLISH/
Michael Jackson Collection - INFORMATION IN ENGLISH/


I classify individuals like Winston Churchill, Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, Alberto Giacometti etc. as superhumans. In the stage of life, they ably represent the actors, the creatures who have achieved the zenith of their career. It is paradoxical that even at this point in time when they are supposed to rest, they are still virtually collecting thousands through the sales of their memorabilia.


Click more on Churchill's cigarette stub.


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