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Reggae Culture Fest

Updated on June 17, 2016

I was not sure of what to expect when I accepted the invitation to accompany a friend for the first two days on the tour of Reggae Culture fest 2016. I was excited due to the fact that it was the first major reggae festival that I have been to in the UK or anywhere else for the matter.

We arrived at the venue in Ipswich, and I immediately noticed just how intimate the space was.

The show kicked off at approximately 11:30pm with compare, Bobo El Numero Uno introducing numerous acts. It was quiet an impressive line-up, however; I was stunned by the performance put on by Jae Prynse, Unstoppble Fyah and Messiah but nothing could prepare me for the energy of Jah Bouks and I now understand why Luciano is referred to as the messenger.

Luciano is a Rastafarian, who spread the message of peace love and unity through his music and represents consciousness and positivity. His delivery was immaculate singing songs like Sweep Over My Soul, Who Could It Be, Give Praise to Rastafari and many more. Needleless to say that I enjoyed myself.

On Saturday, we arrived at the venue in Bristol and you could sense the anticipation of the crowd as they waited patiently for the show to kickoff.

Compare Bobo El Numero Uno opened the show introducing the beautiful and talented Empress Imani. She commanded the stage with authority. Her voice was unique and her projection was impeccable. Messiah, Jahfet, Jae Prynse, Unstoppble Fyah and Jah Bouks delivered flawlessly, however; Luciano added another element to his performance razing the bar performed with such high energy. All in all it was a well spent night full of positive vibrations and entertainment.

The festival is being held at various venues in Ipswich, Bristol, London, Birmingham and Bradford. Tickets prices vary depending on venues but is an absolutely good value for money.

If you have not bought your tickets yet then I highly recommend that you do so. There are still three shows left tonight 17/6/16 Birmingham. Saturday 18/6/16 Bradford and on Sunday 19/06/16 they are back in London. See the attached flyer for details.

5 stars for Reggae Culture Fest


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