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Reggae Wives And Girlfriends: An Ex-Wife's Tale

Updated on October 21, 2017
juliannehenry profile image

Hello, from a former Model, now a Published Writer (Lover's Rock Reggae Music Quiz Book), from NW London with a BA in New Media Journalist,

Misty In Roots (With Lead Singer Bongo Danny) At The Q Club (1976)
Misty In Roots (With Lead Singer Bongo Danny) At The Q Club (1976) | Source

What the heck!

End of 2013. A great storm lashed Britain.

Sitting at my computer,one evening, I looked down into my drop down box and lo there were two unfamiliar names.

They certainly were'nt mine. Nor anyone I recognised.

My immediate thought was it wasn’t important. But, a few weeks later, on taking a second look, the names struck me as being more than odd, that and they were still there. It dawned on me that they were linked to a UK organisation of some note!

Totally creeped out, that anyone with a link like theirs would be in my drop down box then, and more bizzarly, the names had been there for some while!.

So, I immediately rang a friend, in IT who taking stock of my tale, suggested someone in my abode had used my Computer! Not possible.

He suggested I get on to my Internet provider to switch them off. I did. And and without further ado they 'switched off' the intruders. End of story?

Yes but, was I under some sort of surveillance? And excuse me but an alarm bell rang; something like 'help, my computers been hacked into' . So without giving away too much of my game, who would want to survielle me?

julianne | Source

Uptown Girl

Now let me see…For starters, I'm an Uptown Girl! - remember them? ( An R A Albert - 'Miss Teenager of the West Indies in Great Britain - girl to boot! - -

Having graduated from the R A Albert/Charisma School of Modelling and landing a prestigeous modelling course at the then London Academy of Modelling, (off Regent Street), I got a Certificate!

That and being mistaken for a back-stage groupie (at a Junior Kelly gig in Grenada back in November 2000), has stood me in good stead.

A 'Sir Jesus' Teenager

None of which stood in the way of the weekends' one of 'the 'Chiswick possee' - hanging on to the coat-tails of West London Sound System Sir Jessus Sounds-


Meanwhile, I had Day Job. Working in a typing pool in Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, typing up 'contracts' til I could type with my eyes closed.

At night, I became an ordinary but 'typical teenager' raving at the weekend, when I met Danny.

It's Not An Easy Road..

'Bongo Danny' as he's best known, was lead singer of the band Misty In Roots, somewhere down in Southall, with 'one of those rare voices that don't come along everyday', took Southall by surprise. And me.

But, a tale of the usual later, management wrangles, band loyalty, rights and royalties; sharks tales by all accounts, his career was up!

Talk about sharks inside the music business and out,.

Jah Observer

So, I got me a BA in New Media Journalism (2005), and the massive student loan that goes with it. And, yes, I was responsible for that Jah Observer end of term bash in the SU.

The Rich And Powerful

Since, what with my press pass, I've being mistaken for a back-stage groupie a couple of times, (last at a Junior Kelly gig in Grenada back in November 2000), but, my credentials has stood me in good stead.


Is it because I'm Black?

Back to the hacking, it hasn’t helped that I’m a browning. My great grandfather, Jules B was a French slave and plantation owner of the olden Caribbean.

Perhaps it's because I'm black, with a degree. and 'Eenie meanie miney mo... I've just got to lump the fact that we're always going to be watched//suspected of some 'uprising' or other - I've read your Connectionism And The Mind!) -

And suspect some people are just up in other people's business because there business isn't all that!!

Up In Other People's Business...

What Julie did next

What Julie did next was end my addiction with social media and gave some of the new and upcoming platforms a miss; and now only have one fren on me Gmail! (Justin Bieber if you must know).

Still, questions remained so, I called the one they call 101 - the UK’s Cyber crime UK agency – and a conversation with a brick wall later and hey presto - got myself a 'crime number'! Six months latter? Gave them another call, for an update and lo! The Crime Number didn’t exist? Sloppy or what? After that, I got in touch with the - they're head office – and oh oh got myself another ‘case Number’.

So, I wrote to my MP for good measure. (Well it is a well known org.), To date, he never replied.

Meanwhile, a friend showed me letters from his MP in reply to his complaint about a rouge parking company and a ticket! Great if you have a Parking Ticket problem then?

MP's! What's that all about?

Minding my own

Having got me enough case number/crime numbers to shake a stick at, and beginning to understand what the Brick Wall approach is all about, it seemed wisest to plod on,

Its now 2016. No one has got back to me; the Org, the Cybercrime Unit, my internet Providers never furnished me with an explanation, so,I emailed Microsoft – and got me another Case No.

Still, the persons on the other end of my emails were very reassuring; and advised strongly that I should re-contact the cyber crime agency and re-iterated that its a criminal offence besides, I have every right to feel perturbed about it. Thank you Victor, Mishelle & co from Microsoft.

Back to someone challenging on the other end of the 101 line, who, after half an hour of listening to my tale, (I think) said, it was a no no! After all,no monies had been fraudulently taken! (Felt worse than before I talked to them!)

Which is when I took me off to see a solicitor. Hebbers, (see above) who suggested I contact the 'individuals concerned' directly. He also reiterated Microsoft’s stance that it’s a criminal offence and if needs be sorted!

Thank you Hebbers for your kind (and free) advice (Hebbar & Co, Harrow).

So, got on the blower and spoke to xyz, who, denied any involvement with the said occurance (of course they would), but there was something about the deni that was a bit Pinocchiosh!

I moved on then. To looking at HELP on line: 'Burgess Forensics', to name one. Them and resources from - - to 'Nerds on Call' - before I gave up.....

The Trouble is

There's so much more.....

From Sam Cooke...... Bongo Danny.. conspiracy's abound -- . and about taking Africa 'from we'... -

We seem to be awash with conspiracies in this great information age!

The Dark Arts

What with hacking falling under 'the dark arts' banner - are we witnessing the birth of a new dark age?

Read More....

That and the Alien stories just keep gooing... !!...

Jah only knows what we a go do?


Any Chance of Living in Love?

Meanwhile, there's nothing reassuring about being hacked off!

Months later, trying to get some answers as to the legit of it all joy. Not a squib from anyone official. And, like no one's got my back, dealing with it myself!

So, is there or isn't there an elephant in the room?


Still Wailing

Whilst wailing, for the elephant in the room to be explained away, out of the blue I got a call from the hackers head office!,

A helpful someone on the other end of the line. . at first. With her 'investigator hat' on who, asked a few polite questions and, listened like a trouper as I wailed like an I-threer down the phone. She sincerely handled the call. And gave advise to boot. As to putting my concerns in writing. Even promising to send me a SAE for me to send a copy to them to peruse my concerns. So, I wrote it all down....

To date, have heard nothing further from them. That then, seems to have been the end of the 'help' from the Ministry of Covering Their Own Back.

So its back to, staying out of ..trouble.

Redemption: Dread And Terrible

Reading between the lines later, apparantly, in our use of technology - it's what we sign up for - and 'to be expected'. and what with 'the upsurge in technological knowledge v's ignorance, that and the misuse of, we can expect a lot more..

Still, we (the reggae fraternity) were warned (in reggae music) that it was going to be 'dread and terrible.'

A time of 'Wolves and Leopards'

Obviously, some have never heard our Redemption Song -

And having asked Microsoft for further details; (I shouldn't have bothered; as it ended in a lot of 'abusive' messages coming from 'nowhere', my hotmail account is no more. End of.

Will the next generation be impressed with all this goings on?

Let's hope so, otherwise they may have to go back to sending smoke signals!

The Ministry of Hacking

Food for thought maybe but sounds like them from the Ministry of Hacking is here.

Will the next generation be impressed with all this goings on? Let's hope they don't have to go back to sending smoke signals! Meanwhile Jules is back in love with, ......a good book!.

Jules | Source

Over To You-Tube



Can't take back my Chat now...But in no way are these revelations intended to cause a War.

Peace X



© 2016 Julie Henry


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      15 months ago


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      15 months ago

      Instrments of jah?

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      2 years ago

      Oh dear! What's the WWW Coming too?

    • juliannehenry profile imageAUTHOR

      Julie Henry 

      2 years ago from UB

      Paradise And A WarZone!

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      2 years ago


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      Jules Henry 

      2 years ago

      To Danny,

      I Love Only You....x


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