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Remembering the Golden ERA of Pakistani Dramas

Updated on March 31, 2015

There was a time when Pakistani TV dramas were so popular among the people and they use to sit at their homes to watch them. There use to be empty streets after 8 in the evening. This was all due to the sheer creativity of Pakistani writers, actors, directors and the bunch of creative and talented gem of the artists we had. Pakistani drama industry back in those days produced some unforgettable dramas which inspired many people. All those classical dramas were telecasted on PTV. No act of vulgarity was projected through those dramas.

Pakistani drama industry was blessed with the likes of Ashfaq Ahmed, Haseena Moeen, Seema Ghazal, Anwar Maqsood and many other talented and imaginative story writers. The core idea was to project the societal issues and teach people how to deal with them. Those dramas were the pure representation of our culture and traditions.

Few evergreen PTV dramas are mentioned below.

Khuda ki Basti

It was telecasted back in 1969, portrayed the true picture of social issues of the society. This drama serial won the appreciation of a lot of people not only in Pakistan but also across the border.

Dhoop Kinare

One of the biggest hits of in 1987 written and directed by Haseena Moin. It was about the doctors who worked tirelessly. The drama was based in Karachi. Rahat Kazmi and Marina khan played the lead role in the drama. Their on screen chemistry charmed the audience

Ainak wala Jin

This was the first drama which was directed for the kids. It was a combination of fantasy and science fiction. The characters of Harmoon Jadugar, Bill Batori and Zaguta Jin were the absolute favorites among the kids. Back in 1996 the cast performed live for the audience of Shaukat Khanum.


It was such an inspirational drama that it became a cult classic. Main idea was to highlight the professional side of women as two sisters were shown working, running business and making their own living in the drama.

Alpha Bravo Charlie

This drama broke all the records. It was about three young military officers and their lives, the way they managed and handled the difficult times. It beautifully summed up the army life. It was telecasted back in 1998

Taleem- Baleegah

The greates tele theatre of its kind. It was written by the late Moinuddin. It is timeless; such a masterpiece that it can be applicable to any political scenario.

The class and pure creativity of the writers and artists managed to give Pakistani drama industry a lot to cheer about. In short they provided the audience with the content they wanted to see. It is a harsh fact that these days the dramas are not worth comparing with the class of PTV dramas in the past. Industry has lost the social and cultural values. These days the dramas are more influenced by the Indian society and Indian culture. Instead of highlighting the social issue the stress is more on promoting glamour and fashion through the drama serials. Keeping the current situation in mind people here in Pakistan are disconsolate and dejected. There has to be such content in our dramas which can educate our people and boost good thoughts in their minds.


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