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Reminiscing Bagets Movie 1984

Updated on April 2, 2019

When I have a class I spent 4 hours a day surfing the net. And during summer, I spent more than 10 hours a day watching movies (both local and foreign), k-dramas (korean television series) and listening to songs. This activities complete my day though I'm not earning money from it. In fact, I'm not into watching movies in this generation. I am more on searching extraordinary films released in 70's,80' and 90's.

I still remember when I log in to my social media accounts e.g. facebook, yahoo and twitter I notice some post about famous actresses, actors and teen star of 80's and 90's. There are articles and throwback pictures from different fan pages. And since I love 80's and 90's I tried searching the best movie that is enjoyed by all ages.

My research led me to watched Bagets. Honestly, I am not familiar with the cast because some of them stop working in showbiz. I only knew a few of them just like Aga Muhlach, William Martinez, Herbert Bautista and Eula Valdez. At first I doubt if I would really enjoy this movie. There are many good reviews from fans and what made me think again in watching this movie is the review from teenagers in this generation. I never thought that I belong to the only few who haven't tried watching this movie.

And so I get ready. I search on youtube and make sure that I have a fast internet connection on that day so there is no hassle.


What is this movie all about?

Bagets is a youth-oriented comedy film directed by Maryo J. Delos Reyes.

The movie evolves on the lives of five young boys, a boy next door Adie, a "overstaying" Tonton, the geeky Gilbert, the martial arts buff Toffee, and the rich guy Arnel. They are trying to pass senior year in different high school since they were kicked out from their previous school. Along the way, they encounter some of the typical adventures and misadventures common to adolescents - young love, family problems, and sexual hijinks.

Original cast of Bagets Movie 1984
Original cast of Bagets Movie 1984

Let's shout out the name of our crush from Bagets The Movie 1984!

Who is your crush from the original cast of Bagets?

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All of them faces different problems of their own, Arnel is the only son whose parents want him to take over their family business and his mother disapprove his relationship with Janice, a girl who comes from a middle class background. Toffee whose mother is famous actress seeks and can't attend his needs, seeks companionship in Christine, an older flight attendant who is already in a relationship with other guy. Gilbert, lives in a rented apartment where his mother is hard at work as a businesswoman and the father, a policeman, often hangs out at sauna baths when the rent is already months overdue. His situation is also the same as that of Tonton, who has stayed in senior year for four years. Adie's in love with Ivy, a girl next door who's actually married.

The worst scenario they faced is when Tonton meets an accident while drag racing on the same night of the junior-senior prom, and loses his girlfriend Rose. As graduation is coming, they realize that they will have to grow up to prepare for life after high school.

William Martinez with wife Yayo Aguila Then and Now
William Martinez with wife Yayo Aguila Then and Now

Bagets Cast After 31 Years

Thirty years after Bagets released in the Philippines, some of their fans are clueless if where are they now. There are who left showbiz and there are also who stayed. Among all of them I only knew a few who are still active in showbiz like William Martinez. I've seen him playing the role of a father in some local dramas.

JC Bonnin Then And Now
JC Bonnin Then And Now

JC Bonnin is now in London, working as a pastor. Just a little trivia, actually I was very surprised to know that JC Bonnin is the cousin of beauty queen and actress Charlene Gonzales who is now married to Aga Muclach.

Aga Muhlach Then and Now
Aga Muhlach Then and Now

Among all the cast of Bagets, Aga Muhlach was the most successful in the entertainment industry. He was cast in many television drama's and movies. In addition, Aga who is the most active of all of them is currently a star of TV5.

Raymond Lauchengo
Raymond Lauchengo

Raymond Lauchengco from being a Bagets star to a Filipino concert and recording artist. Honestly, I don't know him but I am familiar with his name because of his song "Farewell To You My Friend" and this made me surprised because this song was used in Bagets. And he was one of the reasons why I decided to watch this movie. Because in some movie reviews that I read many of the fans always talked about him. And what I most remember him in Bagets is his lines about the movie "Gone With The Wind."

"That was it. That was my favorite scene. You are asking me how many times I've have seen Gone With The Wind? I watch Gone With The Wind 4 times a day, 28 times a week, 840 times a month and 10,080 times a year."

Herbert Bautista
Herbert Bautista

After 30 years and out of the limelight Bagets star Herbert Bautista is currently serving as a mayor in Quezon City after winning a landslide in May 2010 election.

Eula Valdez
Eula Valdez

The beautiful Miss Eula Valdez who remains ageless is still doing television dramas and movies.

Why teens of this generation love Bagets?

As for me, there are many reasons why I love this movie. I love this movie because I see myself as one of the cast. I see myself as one of the teens in this movie whose trying to my best to be a good person. I see myself as one of the teens who fall in love to a rich guy. I also love this movie because it promotes values and cultures of Filipinos. There are also different reviews from the fans of Bagets.

From tanya018, via imdb user review
"This movie is sheer genius. It's hilarious. Especially if you take it in the present context. Costumes pa lang matatawa ka na. The script is good. Hilarious. But the part I like least was William Martinez's lecture towards the end. I like his story the least. Script and story is much better than today's Filipino movies' script and story. Aga Muhlach trying to dance like Michael Jackson. I especially like Herbert Bautista's character. Skinny, clumsy, awkward, fellow. Cute. I especially like the scene where he bikes in circles in front of his crush's house. Typical torpe kid. I wish I could go back in time and just live during those moments."

From pope_innocentyears, via imdb user review
"The movie 'Bagets' (from the word 'bagito' which meant clueless youth) was seen as one of the worst made films in the Philippines in terms of production value. There were quite a number of inconsistencies and continuity problems with regards to place setting. Nonetheless, the movie still made good in the box office and is still hailed today as a landmark teen flick in a nation that looks up to movie stars too much.

The movie is about the adventures of five teenagers coping with ordinary (and extraordinary) teenage problems. 'Bagets' had made instant superstars of young actors Herbert Bautista and Aga Muhlach.

The premise of 'Bagets' is mediocre. However, the movie is considered an 80's classic and it provided a plot and storyline to be imitated and copied by scriptwriters and directors for years to come."

From 80's nostalgic trip, via imdb user review
"Finally I've watched this film after avoiding it since it came out (I was 11 years old then). I shunned it thinking it to be corny. Instead, I found it quite entertaining. The comedic script is classic. There's not much plot in it. The adult subjects and conflicts are dealt with subtlety. The actors where impressive in the sense that there were all a natural, unlike the Pinoy movie stars of today who always seem to overdo their acting. I noticed too that the actors speak very good English. They don't sound trying hard (again like in movies of today). And I was delighted to see a whole slew of now-famous prominent comedians (Zorayda, Beverly, Dexter Doria, and many more that were not listed in the cast). I found the DVD at netflix, it was not the best transfer but I still enjoyed it."

Watch Bagets Movie Now!

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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Jc Bonin is the cousin of charlene and not her brother

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Hey! Bagets fan here! Though im not an 80s or 90s kid but i love this movie especially the cast. I really like each character and how the story goes on.


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