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Remove annoying flash player ads

Updated on March 19, 2016


If you watch videos from various sources online, you have likely discovered what I am talking about. There are ads placed inside certain video players and sometimes the ads are invisible and take up the whole player. This is very annoying to the user and exposes them to malware. I generally disable adblock when using sites with legitimate advertising. However, invisible ads hidden in video players are suspicious and should be removed.

After doing a little research, I found that only certain sites have these ads and that the ads generally fall into a few of the categories. I identified these categories and created adblock plus filters to easily block them.However, I have no tested it with IE or Firefox. Flashplayer ads still may get through for these browsers. If you use chrome with these filters, you will be fine. Feel free to comment or let me know if you encounter new ads or want me to create new filters. I will do my best to create a filter and update this blog.

Note, new ads with different id's and class names will not be blocked with these filters. Rather, these filters just block the previously identified ads that are used in most video players. If you have any tips, better methods, or are aware of ads that get through these filters, please let me know. I will update this page and my ABP filters.

How to set up Adblock Plus filters:

Step 1 - Install Adblock Plus for Google Chrome:

Install adblock plus if you haven't done so already. This is a must have addon. All you have to do is google adblock plus to find it in the chrome store. Once you have found it, it is as simple as clicking the green install button. This takes seconds to install and is completely free. However, the developers did work hard on it and you are given the initial chance to donate as much as you like to them.

Firefox users: I suggest that you use chrome for watching videos or avoid certain video players. You can get rid of the main pesky firefox ad using the filter
However, this still pops up and closes a window immediately. From my experience, chrome is just much smoother for video players.

Step 2 - Open Adblock Plus:

Once you have installed adblock plus, you should see it at the top right of your screen (red stop sign icon). Click on it and go to options. Now, click on the "Add your own filters" tab. This tab allows you to remove any page element that you want (in this case, ads).

Step 3- Add the filters:

To add a filter, individually copy and paste the filters below into the text box. After you have pasted a filter in, click "Add filter". Each filter permanently blocks a specific type of flash player ad. If you want to remove the filters later, simply select the filter from the "Add your own filters" tab and click "remove selected".

Filter list:




##p[class="tip putlocker"]



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