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Representation: Black people.

Updated on March 3, 2016
OSCAR trophy.
OSCAR trophy. | Source
Leonardo Di Caprio:  Attended OSCAR ceremony.
Leonardo Di Caprio: Attended OSCAR ceremony. | Source
Black power symbol.
Black power symbol. | Source
Will Smith stayed away from OSCAR ceremony.
Will Smith stayed away from OSCAR ceremony. | Source
Oriental - American actor:  Jason Scott Lee in his role as Bruce Lee.  When will Hollywood allow Asian men and women to become leading actors.
Oriental - American actor: Jason Scott Lee in his role as Bruce Lee. When will Hollywood allow Asian men and women to become leading actors. | Source
Native American actor Adam Beach.  When will Hollywood allow Native American leading men and women to also become leading actors.
Native American actor Adam Beach. When will Hollywood allow Native American leading men and women to also become leading actors. | Source


It seems when ever black people are not represented or not picked as a nominee for the OSCARS for example they always it seems of late act up. Look at people like Spike Lee boycotting the ceremony and Chris Rock who introduced the nominees saying "Welcome to the white awards" or words to that affect.

Lets take a close look at what these black notables are talking about, was it so called 'racism' when all white actors were chosen as OSCAR nominees? I suppose it could be interpreted just that from a black prospective and of course if black actors are overlooked simply because of their race that is wrong. However it maybe that in the opinion of who ever chooses the top films and the actors in them to be OSCAR nominees it just so happened there were no black actors in them. To choose a black actor simply because their black for an OSCAR and not on proven acting ability is wrong, its the same as sticking black people in jobs just because their not very well represented and may struggle to do the job. People should get some where on merit not because their black or white or grey alien come to that.

Black people today are well represented in the theatre of sport, entertainment, and across the board in many walks of life and in different work scenarios. Its other races to me that are not well represented, why are there no Oriental - American leading men or women in Hollywood or in the music business or sport?

Why are no Native American leading men or women coming to the fore in Hollywood? It seems both black and white people in all fields in the US seem to be every where with other races not being fully integrated and represented as they should be. If America is supposed to be a post - racial society as the Obama years come slowly to a close then there is something about this post - racial utopia America that is not working.

If anything it seems divisions between blacks and whites in America have got worse so much for Obama the mixed race man, the unifier. I don't think this racial divide that seems to have opened up in Obama's America is one that is going to be easily closed again. Many white voters are voting Trump because they feel disenfranchised by the Obama years, are they racists, well maybe they are, some maybe not. But then Beyonce's song at the Super Bowl with all black women backing dancers dressed as the facist Black Panthers doesn't help either.

Maybe in some areas black people still have a long way to go and the memory of slavery however many years ago will always be a shadow hanging over them however you cannot hold white society to blame forever no more than you can hold today's Germans responsible for the Holocaust.

I think in all these matters we need common sense but that is something that is apparently lacking right now.


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    • Nick Bishop profile imageAUTHOR

      Nick Bishop 

      2 years ago from Blackpool

      And what is that criteria?

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Native Americans, Asians and Black People are incredibly unrepresented in media of all types and not for lack of trying...the difference is that these 'minority' groups support EACH OTHER in their efforts to get their voices out, unlike the panel of OLD WHITE MEN who pick the Oscar nominations based on really outdated criteria.


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