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Resurrection: Caleb's Days Are Numbered

Updated on April 10, 2014

In fact, he doesn't even have days left

Marty asks a jailed Caleb the million dollar question, "You were given a second chance? Why ruin it?" Caleb doesn't see it as ruining it. He said the fear of death holds us all back. He's been there and done it and no longer fears death and isn't going to let anything hold him back. He also once again says more of his kind are coming; more than you could ever imagine. Not a settling thought.

Maybe that's why Marty has a nightmare about the military bursting into the house and taking Jacob away. It seems to be related to something that really happened. A child who helped him with a case [it appears] that Marty returned him home, afterwards, ended up being taken out in a body bag. It seems Marty fears the same thing could happen again, this time to Jacob.

Marty believes they can keep the FBI from coming to Arcadia if they find the bank money Caleb stole. Caleb won't tell, even when Marty pulls the Jacob card. Well, since Caleb only cares about Caleb and maybe Elaine after himself, that's no surprise. Elaine isn't very cooperative either when they come to search her house.

Thanks to Caleb's sticky fingers, Elaine gets fired from her job at the bank. She also finds the note she put in Caleb's jacket at his funeral and knows he lied to her. She goes down to the jail to confront him and tell him she's done with him. When she goes home she finds a note from Caleb telling her where the money is; it's under the porch he repaired. So she rips it up. When Marty comes along to bug her again about the money, she hands it over to him.

Marty goes to the jail to rub it in Caleb's face that he's got his money, only he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Caleb isn't looking well and he's coughing. He asks Marty for a drink of water. While Marty is getting it Caleb can be seen through the water cooler evaporating. Was it from a lack of water? I doubt if the jail was giving him the mass quantities of food and water he must have been consuming to appease his metabolism. Guess that's something Caleb didn't think of when he got himself locked in jail. The question is will Caleb be back or does a Returnee get one shot at a second chance and that's it if you can't maintain your body's need for food and water.

That's the explanation I think it was for what happened to Caleb, however I've seen another theory online about how Caleb was able to teleport through the water. I really hope that's not the case, as that's just a little too "beam me up, Scotty," for my taste.

After what happened to Caleb [the sheriff refuses to believe he just disappeared] Marty is worried about the same thing happening to Jacob. Meanwhile Henry tells Lucille he wants to let go of their Jacob so he can accept this one. He goes down to the cellar where he's kept all of Jacob's keepsakes.

Lucille and Henry are taken aback when Marty comes bursting into their home looking for Jacob. They find him in the backyard and he's just fine. For now. As long as he keeps drinking and eating a lot. And as long as some jack-booted military troop doesn't burst in to Henry and Lucille and take Jacob out by force.

Finally, Tom is lying to his wife by telling her that Rachel left town to go see her parents. She's still very much in town and Tom is still seeing her. Rachel tells Tom she's not feeling very good, so he takes her to Maggie. Maggie discovers that Rachel is pregnant. She realizes she must have been pregnant when she killed herself. She asks Maggie not to tell Tom about this. Is Tom the father? Or is the reason Rachel killed herself is because she was cheating on Tom?

So this is more proof that a Returnee's pre-death condition presents in the new carnation. Jacob had epilepsy before he died and he's had seizures since returning. Caleb died of a heart attack and when he was digging he felt a chest pain. And now Rachel is pregnant because she was pregnant when she killed herself.

Of course, knowing that doesn't really tell us how these dead people are coming back. Why do they need mass quantities of food and water to maintain their existence. What is the common thread between the ones that have returned. With Rachel and Jacob they both died in water and they both are connected to Tom, but Caleb doesn't fit either of those two scenarios. His death didn't appear to have anything to do with water. We also don't know where he was when he was resurrected.

We also don't still know if they can be killed. Yes, if they don't maintain their metabolism they can apparently evaporate into nothing and presumably return from whence they came. But can someone actually kill them. Like if you shoot one of them, would it cause them to die? Caleb got his face banged against the bars of his cell and he bled, but that's a long ways from dying. If they keep their metabolism maintained are they impervious to being killed?

One commonality between all three Returnees is they all died in Arcadia, yet when they're resurrected it's in another country or another state. Afterwards they have to make their way back to Arcadia. I guess we can assume Rachel was buried in Arcadia, just as Caleb was cremated there and Jacob was buried in the family crypt. So why aren't they being reborn in the same place they died? Why are they coming back to life someplace far away from Arcadia.

Is it only people who died in Arcadia that are coming back to life? If the return of the dead happening anywhere else but this small little town? Is there something special about Arcadia? I guess only time will tell and if this series is renewed for another season, since it apparently only has a few more episodes left.


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