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Resurrection -- Everyone Hates Fred

Updated on May 10, 2014

Marty has ties to Arcadia that he doesn't even know about

This episode picks up where the last one left off. Maggie confronts her not-dead mother, Barbara, who justifies letting her family not know she's back because Sheriff Fred is a bad bad man. Thus it justifies her being a cheating hooch whose been hiding out with her lover. Maggie tells Babs to go tell Fred she's back or she will. However, that will prove to be a very deadly mistake.

Fred is overjoyed to see his dead wife, until she basically tells him his hotdog doesn't taste too nice and she prefer her boyfriend's hotdog instead. He acts like he accepts it and he's okay with it, but he's anything but okay with it.

The family like Jacob that Jacob's found tell Henry and Lucille they're looking for their little boy who they think also died with them and hope he's Returned. They tell them the child has a crescent shaped birth mark on his neck.

Meanwhile Marty calls his boss as asks for help. Arcadia just doesn't have enough resources to feed all these Returned with their voracious appetites. So the military come to Arcadia and at first they're helping the Returned. That is until Fred has a little chat with them and convinces them the Returned are a threat to the living. So the military announces that all Returned must come to the high school gym to get registered. Of course, once you enter the gym you're not allowed to leave it.

Fred also releases Crazy Gary and puts together a posse that's anti-Returned.

Marty gets a bad feelings about the military wanting all the Returned in one place and convince Henry and Lucille not to take Jacob there, must to Fred's displeasure. He even comes to them demanding they hand over Jacob. Lucille slaps his face when he says that thing isn't their son. But, let me guess, if that thing called Barbara had wanted him, he'd be singing an entirely different tune. Henry is disgusted with her brother and tells him that their father was right about him. Don't know what their father said about Fred, but I don't think it was a compliment.

Fred forces his way into Henry and Lucille's home to take Jacob, but before he arrived they'd given Jacob to Marty and asked him to get Jacob safely out of town.

Marty tries to help the Returned escape the gym by pulling a fire alarm and some manage to escape, but to Fred's glee, cheating Babs isn't one of them. Maggie is appalled by what her father has done, as she's taken into custody for trying to help the Returned escape. Fred also discovers he's no longer in charge as his posse is taken into custody, as well.

One of the Returned that escaped the gym is the family Jacob befriended sans the father. Tom and Rachel take them to a house to hide out and run into Tom's wife. Not sure how safe that is with her in residence, as she may rat them out and turn them in.

On an interesting note, Helen the most anti of the Returned changes her tune when she sees someone she knows has Returned. That seems to be the case of a lot of Arcadia citizens. They're anti-Returned unless one of their loved ones returns and then they're fine with it.

Marty makes it to the town line with Jacob, when he sees a bunch of dead bugs on the ground. I wondered if maybe there was some invisible force field there stopping people from leaving Arcadia to contain all the dead. Then a helicopter started flying towards Marty and Jacob. Is it the military or perhaps whomever is behind the Return returning?

As Marty watches the helicopter come towards him, there's a close-up of his neck and his neck bears a crescent birth mark, meaning he's the little boy the Returned couple was searching for. So what does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

Two questions that quickly come to mind are: is Marty the catalyst for the Returned returning and is it possible Marty is a Returned, himself?

The most that can be determined is that Marty is originally from Arcadia, himself, so it was rather a big coincidence that he should be the one chosen to take Jacob to Arcadia. It was almost like Jacob was resurrected to bring Marty back to his hometown. Considering the way his mother was speaking, Marty was a young boy when his family died, so that would explain him not realizing he was had connections to Arcadia. However, if he was the only member of his family that survived, why was he taken away from Arcadia and why didn't anyone ever mention to him that he was born there, presumably?

Of course, another more sinister possibility is Marty did die with his parents and he was resurrected like the other Arcadian dead and ended up coming back to life far from Arcadia. Since he was so young at the time he couldn't tell anyone [like Jacob did] that he belonged in Arcadia.

I don't recall Marty's parents saying when they died, since I didn't think the characters were important at the time, and didn't pay that close attention to what they had to say. I just thought they were like the rest of the dead coming back. By their clothes they could have died anywhere from the 1940's to 1960's. If it was sometime in the 60's then that's a 50 year difference and Marty doesn't look to be in his fifties. Of course, Omar Epps wouldn't be the first actor to play a part older than he is. However, since the show is trying to push a romance between Marty and Maggie, making him in the fifties would really make him too old for her. So it's possible a shorter time span occurred between Marty's death and his resurrection. Is it possible Marty was resurrected at the same time Jacob died? The old saying was when someone dies someone is born.

But if Marty was resurrected 32 years ago, why did it take so long for the others to be resurrected? Is Marty somehow the catalyst for everything that's now happening in Arcadia?

On other matters why was Rachel resurrected twice, but Caleb wasn't. The interference on the video when Caleb disappeared is still very troubling. If he just evaporated from needing water, why would it cause an interference on the video tape when it recorded Caleb disappearing?

It also appears this is only happening in Arcadia. So what is different about this small town that this is happening and why do the ones resurrected always come back to life outside of Arcadia?

Thankfully, Resurrection got renewed for a new season, so hopefully will start getting some answers to all these questions. I was actually shocked it got renewed because I've seen people online complaining it's anti-religion and that's kind of the same complaints people had against GCB and ABC dropped it like a hot rock.


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