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Resurrection -- I Know How To Kill The Returned

Updated on October 21, 2014

Is this why Margaret thinks she was brought back?

A man with a bum leg is trying to run away from a mob of people. They catch up with him and string him up. In the crowd is a little girl and she's credited for bringing this about. That little girl is Margaret Langston.

Meanwhile Lucille is mourning the loss of the real Jacob on the anniversary of his death. She dresses in black and can't forget all the years she had to get through this day. Jacob isn't making matters any better, as since Granny Langston has arrived he's close to her and acts like he doesn't even want Lucille around.

Speaking of Granny, she suggests that what is needed is a Langston family dinner. Lucille goes along with it. But neither she nor Henry are thrilled when Granny insists Fred be put on the guest list. Jacob wants Babs the Betrayer invited and when he doesn't get his own way he breaks some of Lucille's crystal than claims it was an accident. Like Granny has said more than a few times, the returned aren't good people, not even the littlest returned.

Henry hears Jacob's outburst and instead of admonishing him, he decides to cater to the little brat and goes asks Babs the Betrayer to the dinner. Which turns out to be a very bad idea, as Granny Langston can't stand Babs and blames her for being a bad influence on Fred. Needless to say Fred isn't too thrilled by Babs appearance at dinner, either. The only one who seems happy to have her there is spoiled brat Jacob who apologizes for not saving her, and she apologizes to him, too.

Then Granny stands up to give a speech about the Langston family, leaving out Babs as a member of it, but Jacob includes her. She says she wondered why she was brought back. Why she was so deserving of another chance. At the end of the episode we kind of get a clue why Granny thinks she was brought back and sets her up as a very dangerous woman on a deadly mission.

Fred has other matters on his mind. He saw Marty looking through the archives to try to figure out who the skeleton bones they found were. He comes upon a newspaper article about several employees of the Langston Factory being killed in a trucking accident. He also points out that the returned man he found in Caleb's cabin named Arthur was one of the men who were killed in the accident. He also suspects a guy wearing a leg brace was one of the skeleton bones they found. It's the same man Granny Langston remembered being chased down and lynched.

When Fred asked Granny if she remembered Arthur as one of the old factory employees, she lies and says she was just a girl and had no memory of the man. However, when Maggie tells Fred how Granny remembered Arthur and even visited him before he died, Fred knows she lied.

Lucille still grieving for Original Jacob takes a book out of Fred's page and drinks a little too much of the vino and lets Babs the Betrayer have it with both barrels. She says Jacob she be grown with a wife and family of his own and would be if not for Babs selfishness. She just couldn't end her cheap and tawdry affair, could she?

Babs runs from the table and Fred runs after her to comfort her. Babs realizes that it was Fred who found her body when she died. She actually ends up kissing Fred, which is funny since she acted like he was the antichrist from the moment she returned. And it's not going to help Fred, any, now that he's finally accepted it's over between them. Granny Langston will not be pleased.

Speaking of Granny, Jacob asks her to tell him a bedtime story. She tells him a story of demons. Little does he know he's one of the demons she refers to. She tells of a little girl who knew how to kill the demons so they could never come back, again. From what she said it sounded like she thinks that's why she was brought back. To kill the demons. She most likely caused the death of Arthur when she went in to visit him and he disappeared into a puff of smoke.

Marty plays dumb when Maggie asks him how the government found out about the bones. Perhaps to make it up for giving up the bones for his old body, he sets out to figure out who the bones belonged to. Marty goes to the old Langston factory to investigate and leaves Fred a message to what he's up to. Fred shows up and he also plays dumb about what he knows. Then they hear a noise and find Deputy Carl's douche bag returned brother sitting in his pick-up sick. They take him to Maggie's where a bunch of other returned are also sick. Could this be the work of Granny Langston somehow?

And on the Pastor Tom love triangle. Janine is still playing nice to Rachel and telling her which prenatal vitamins are best. Rachel is planning to move out, but she suddenly collapses in the drug store. Maggie examines Rachel and tells her something shocking. The baby inside her is growing twice the normal rate of a normal baby. Janine says Rachel can't leave and bonds with Rachel, but knowing Janine plans a snatch and grab of Rachel's kid when Rachel pops it out just gives me the creeps.

So, while we still don't know how these returned are able to make clones of their previous bodies [some returned are on the third body, at the point], we do know they can be killed just like normal people can be.

I felt this episode made the season finally start to gel. Getting back on track has taken the show a bit this season. Jacob suddenly doesn't like Lucille and she doesn't seem to like him too much, either. Which is a 180 turn from what their relationship was like last season. Granny Langston has really become a the major player of the season. What this woman is up to keeps you riveted to your TV. Just what does she have in store for the returned when she views them and herself as demons? And why did it take 80 years for the returned to start returning again. Why is this only happening in Arcadia? Just what is it about Arcadia that's causing this?


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