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Resurrection -- Is Caleb Back?

Updated on October 8, 2014

Granny Langston is another bad returnee

When Fred and Marty learned someone was up at Caleb's cabin, they began to wonder if the nasty returnee could have been brought back again. And Granny Langston becomes more sinister with each passing moment.

For some reason a crow dropped out of the sky dead and Jacob found it. Then he tried to resurrect it. He buried it and set it on fire but nothing would make the bird come back. It seems to be tied to Jacob's worry about Henry and Lucille being old and what happening if they die. Like will they come back, too?

When Lucille catches Jacob with the dead bird she accuses him of killing it. I thought it was just the same bird that fell from the sky. Henry later finds her curled up in bed saying she loves Jacob too much that it's almost crippling. Interesting she started feeling this way just when Granny Langston returned. Seriously, Lucille needs to pry Jacob away from that sick woman's influence, cause it isn't going to lead to anything good.

Maggie got to meet her Granny Langston for the first time and I wonder if she's an airhead or something, because the icky vibes that woman was sending out seemed to go over her head. Some of the stuff that woman said to her was pretty darned insulting. She's a total female chauvinist pig.

Granny Langston also has a strange reaction to Marty. She feels that she knows him from somewhere. Is it possible she recognizes him from when he was a child? It seems someone has got to tip him off to that little fact and the other fact that his parents are back from the dead and being held somewhere in some government internment camp for the Returned.

After Granny Langston slapped the crap out of Fred, he seems to be ready to straighten up and fly right. He threw all his booze bottles away and takes off his wedding ring finally giving up on his no good cheating wife. He also gets teamed with Marty to investigate the possibility that Caleb has returned again. Fred also knows that Marty is back in town to be a rat for the government.

Caleb is suspected being alive because someone has been using his cabin. Instead they find a very sick returnee there. Marty takes the man to see Maggie just when Granny Langston is getting examined to make sure her former cancer is all gone. When she learns about the man she wants to see him. And after she's done visiting him the man vanishes in thin air. No one seems to make the connection that she did something to cause the man to vanish.

Henry is also having problems with Granny Langston. Learning his grief over losing her and Jacob caused him to let the family factory go down hill, makes him no longer the apple of Granny Langston's eye. In fact, she starts giving him a tongue lashing that she'd normally save for Fred. She, however, restrains herself from slapping the crap out of him, but you just know she's just love to do it.

She goes digging in the derelict factory and uncovers a bunch of skeletons. Just how did she know they were there and just what does she plan to do with them now that she's uncovered them.

Janine's friend urges Janine to return to Tom and not let Rachel just have him. She also makes a really revolting suggestion that Janine couldn't have a child because she was supposed to be the mother to Rachel and Tom's child. Okay, all knowing one, what about the baby's real mother, Rachel? Is she just some convenient womb for Janine to rob and after she chucks out a baby she's supposed to just vanish off the face of the earth?

Meanwhile Tom nixes Rachel's suggestion she move out. However, when Rachel has a nightmare of being trapped in a fire with other people and she seeks a little sexual comfort from Tom he rejects her. However, when Janine crawls in bed with Tom later he can't wait to get his rocks off with her. Needless to say when Rachel runs into Janine the next morning wearing a robe and all chipper from a night of sex she's not too thrilled.

My overwhelming feeling about Rachel's dream is that it's possible it's somehow connected to the skeletons Granny Langston unearthed at the factory. Was their a fire at the factory and did a large number of people die there? Is this somehow connected to why the dead are now returning?

Finally, Marty asks Jacob if he knows he's just like him. At first, Jacob lies, then says he knows Marty is a returned. But he doesn't tell Marty that's he's known from the moment he met him he was just like him. That's probably why he inherently trusted him when he wouldn't even speak to anyone else. Of course, if Marty heard that he'd be clued in to the fact he may quite possibly the first person that was actually returned from the dead and that he was originally a denizen of town.

In regards to the returned most seem to be nice and decent and just like they were when they were alive. But then there are a couple of returned that are real bad seeds like Caleb and Granny Langston. Of course, they may be just being true to their own natures and they were bad seeds when they were alive, too.

Or will all the returnees be revealed to not be what they once were and having a taint of evil. Look at Jacob. He's been shown to be deceitful. And Granny Langston seems to be having a bad influence over him.


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