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Resurrection -- Marty Learns The Truth

Updated on November 9, 2014

But he learns it a little too late

This was the episode where we finally learned the name of the menacing government woman who has became the bane of Bellamy's existence. We also learned what she does in the government. As well as an interesting flashback from her past.

Bellamy was found by Angela [that's her name] and brought to a government hospital where he was one very sick returned. It was here that my theory that the returned were making themselves sick cause they thought they'd be better off dead was blown to bits. Turns out the sickness that the returned have is the Spanish Flu. One of the returned had it and is spreading it to the others. For some reason only the returned are vulnerable to it. Ironically enough, this is the same disease the aliens on The Event were planning to spread to the humans occupying Earth so they could weed us out and make room for their own species to take over the planet.

Bellamy is given the antidote when Angela sees the crescent shaped scar he has she puts it together that he's related to the black couple who were looking for their baby, Tommy. She tells Bellamy about it, making him realize he's a returned twice over. Unfortunately, this news comes too late for Bellamy to reunite with his mother and father. Angela gives him the sad news that they disappeared from the disease before the government had come up with an antidote. Bellamy's sister, however, is still alive, and he insists on seeing her. He tells her he's going to take care of her. To keep that promise he plants his cell phone in the facility so he can trace the signal back to it and find the secret government lair.

Angela also reveals a little of herself to Bellamy. She's a statistician who works for the government. She supposedly has some uncanny ability to predict events and she claims that everything that's happened in Arcadia she predicted would happen. One thing she doesn't want to talk about is that she appears to have been the only survivor of a plane crash when she was a child.

Bellamy is given antidote enough to keep him alive. Seems he has to keep taking it to stay alive, otherwise he'll vanish like the other returned with the disease have. He keeps a vial of the antidote for himself and gives the rest to Maggie to use on the returned. Hopefully she can analyze the contents of the antidote and make her own antidote or Bellamy is going to be in big trouble.

Meanwhile Maggie goes over to confront Granny Langston about the disappearance of her mother. Margaret plays dumb and Henry buys what she's selling hook, line and sinker. He won't even consider the possibility his Big Bad Mama is a big bad mama when Lucille tries to subtly suggest Granny Langston isn't all that she should be. Henry isn't the brightest bulb in the package about a newcomer that offers him money to help him reopen the factory. At first, the man wanted to buy it and Henry said it wasn't for sale, then he offered to back Henry financially. As it turns out his granddaddy, who looks more like his younger brother, is a returned and he sent his grandson in with some plan to get the Langston family. Maybe he's one of the factory people Granny may have had a hand in killing.

While Henry is buying what his mommy is selling, neither Elaine nor Fred are. Granny tries to convince Elaine she didn't see what she saw, but she knows what she saw. And when Fred won't buy her garbage she gets all nasty saying she saved his life. When she came back he was a drunken suicidal mess and she straightened him out. So basically he owed her and needs to keep his trap shut.

Elaine has other problems. She discovers her mentally challenged brother is involved in some returned hate group. A group that is filled with members with the same IQ going by some of their grievances against the returned. One of them being the returned messed up their internet. Elaine tells the hate group they can't meet in the diner and tosses them out. So it seems we'll be having a repeat from last season of a few not very bright yahoos out to get the returned.

Maggie is having her own problems. She's trying really hard to suppress her feelings about her mother disappearing from her life, again. She's even popping pills to keep them at bay.

So to sum things up, if Maggie doesn't ring up Bellamy and let Angie baby and her nasty group of government thugs know Bellamy left his cell phone behind, he may be able to track the location and save his sister from the military installation.

Elaine may be in danger from two sources. One, sinister Granny Langston, who knows she knows too much and saw too much. And her own brother for being against his little returned hate group. The show also seems to be thinking of doing some kind of romance between Fred and Elaine, who looks way to young for him. Seriously, isn't there any age appropriate women Fred could become attached to. Not to mention what his monster mommy did to his last love interest, getting involved with him is like making a death wish.

And it seems Granny Langston may not be able to run around unchecked doing her evil deeds. It seems another returned may have some nasty plans for her and her family.

Well, at least one mystery was answered. Caleb obviously had Spanish Flu and that's what made him disappear into thin air. Which would suggest the returned who gave it to him had already been resurrected before he was. It would suggest that Jacob wasn't the first batch of new returned to be resurrected. Is it possible the dude out to get the Langston's is the Spanish Flu carrier?


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