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Resurrection -- Rachel Isn't The Only One Brought Back Twice

Updated on September 29, 2014

The Aftermath

Over all, I kind of found the premiere episode of the show a bit lackluster and not as interesting as the previous season, but hopefully things will pick up.

In Arcadia things have gone pretty much back to normal as the military has gone. The living citizens of town were allowed to claim some of the returned and they've been allowed to stay, but all the others have been shipped off to some unknown facility. Time-wise a week has passed since the events in the finale took place.

Marty wakes up in the grass in some unknown location with a big hole in his memory. He returns to Arcadia in time to see his parents [which he's still unaware of] shipping off somewhere by the military. He goes straight to Henry and Lucille's and is shocked to learn he's been gone for a week and that Jacob is back with them. Health-wise, Marty also keeps experiencing sharp pains in his chest.

Marty vaguely recalls being taken by the army to an interrogation room where some strange woman was. He calls up his former associate Toni and she asks him to meet her in Chicago, but it turns out to be a set-up when he spots the woman from the army interrogation room waiting there. He manages to escape and confronts Toni who says she's done with Bellamy. It seems the army has done a good job at covering their butts. They put out a story that Marty is unstable and that the whole resurrected thing was just a hoax and, of course, she believes it. She thinks it's because of the kid Marty got killed and that he confused Jacob with him.

Marty escapes to his apartment where he quickly realizes he isn't alone. Sitting in his living room is the woman and she's come to make him an offer he'd better not refuse. She wants him to go back to Arcadia and be her mole or she'll put him with the other returned detainees. It's that remark which makes Marty remember the horrible truth.

While in custody, Marty tried to escape and during a fight over a gun he was shot and killed. In short, he's become one of the resurrected. Of course, he still hasn't realized that this isn't the first time he's died and returned. In fact, it's possible he may be the first one to have been resurrected and that started this thing going.

Back in Arcadia, Fred is persona non grata for bringing in the army. Maggie is refusing to speak to him and Fred still won't acknowledge that the returned and the dead who returned. He's also still brooding over his skank wife and drinking.

When he gets drunk at the bar Elaine works in, she offers to drive him home. Instead he lets her drive his police car and gets her to floor it and takes her to a place he used to hang out with his cheating wife. Things get out of hand when he kisses Elaine's neck and she puts the breaks on things. Totally not cool putting the moves on your daughter's best friend.

Meanwhile back at Henry and Lucille's Jacob wakes in the middle of the night and sneaks out. He goes to the cemetery and there he finds his newly resurrected grandmother. He brings her home and Henry is thrilled to have his mother back. Lucille not so much. When Henry calls Fred up to tell him their mother is back, he hangs up on Henry saying it's not his mother.

Mom, in return, believes that Fred never loved her and resented her for giving the business to Henry instead of him. Henry tells her that Fred was outside her hospital room every day, he just couldn't come in to see her because he didn't want to see her that way.

Since Fred won't come to see her, she goes to see him, and it's a good thing she did. Fred is about to kill himself as she arrives. She slaps him twice when he refuses to believe she is who she says she is. Then he breaks down sobbing in her arms calling her, "Mom."

Rachel has been allowed to stay in town because Tom has claimed her. Rachel makes it clear she's sleeping in a spare room. No word on where Mrs. Pastor Tom is or if she's still in the picture. Rachel believes she's twelve weeks pregnant but Maggie says she's actually four months. The minute I heard that I started wondering if they were going to say it wasn't Tom's child. But from previews it seems that's not what's happening here, at all. Something else is going on.

I think the reason I felt the premiere was kind of lack luster was because it felt almost anti-climatic after the climatic ending with Jacob and Marty being caught at the end of the finale. It might have been better to show what happened as it happened instead of doing a week time jump. Of course, if it did, then you wouldn't have had the moment when Marty makes his realization that he's been resurrected. Of course, when he woke-up in the grass I kind of figured that's exactly what did happen. Especially when Marty suddenly started having sharp pains in his chest.

The strange thing is Jacob is supposed to be able to sense the resurrected, so how come he didn't sense Marty had become one? Or did he know and just not tell him? And if we go further, did Jacob sense when he first met Marty that Marty was the same as him? After all, Marty was resurrected when he was a child just like Jacob was. Which is something Marty hasn't figured out, yet. And when he does, he'll have to realize his parents are in the army's resurrected internment camp and try to rescue them.

I'm not exactly sure what to make of Henry and Fred's mother. As I said, Lucille didn't seem thrilled to have her back. And the way she slapped Fred silly gives you pause, too.

As for Rachel's baby, is it really Tom's? Or is the baby growing at an increased rate because it's a resurrected baby?


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