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Resurrection -- The Invasion

Updated on May 3, 2014

Maybe the people who think Caleb was beamed up aren't off the bean, after all?

The Sheriff kept rewatching the video of where Caleb vanished and each time he watches it the film has some kind of interference. If Caleb had just evaporated because he needed water, there doesn't seem that would cause the electrical interference on the video. So is it possible whomever is responsible for bring Caleb's resurrection beamed him up, Scotty?

Whatever the case, the Sheriff can't tell anyone in town Caleb just vanished in thin air, so people assume the Sheriff just let him go. Gary, the brother of the man who Caleb killed, wants revenge. And, unfortunately, Rachel is the target for his vengeance.

Gary's not the only one after Rachel. Church lady Helen is also after her. She drops by to see the Pastor's wife and since she's very put-out with Tom lying that he'd sent Rachel away, she blabs everything to Helen. Of course, Helen can't wait to arrange a nasty little surprise for Pastor Tom at the church during his church service.

Maggie's ex-boyfriend, Eric comes to town to investigate the physiology of the Returned, and it isn't long before Marty is in a pissing contest with him, as he seems to see him as a threat to his...?...with Maggie. That's right. Marty has absolutely nothing going on with her. She even turned down his invitation for coffee. So why he's getting all jealous is ridiculous.

Seriously, the man came to deliver Jacob and discovered a strange mystery. His mind should be on that instead of bagging a local. It seems just because Marty is a man and Maggie is a woman and she's been helping him to investigate, the show seems to think that equals romance. How refreshing if the show hadn't gone there.

Eric wants Henry and Lucille to take Jacob and leave town with him to further study him. Marty, however, puts his bit in and urges them not to go with the good doctor. They ultimately decide to stay in Arcadia, which may turn out to be a big mistake. An even bigger mistake may be Lucille deciding to take Jacob to Tom's church service.

Before the church service, Helen finds Rachel and can't wait to give her a piece of her mind. She makes her feel like a freak of nature and tells her to leave town. Rachel doesn't listen to the troublemaker and stays. She actually has to stand up in church and defend Tom when Helen accuses him of fornicating with a dead thing and getting it knocked up.

Lucille has her own problems when a woman stands up in church and basically says Jacob is an abomination and that to restore the natural order of things they should kill him.

Tom does his best to come the restless natives and stop them from lighting torches and going on a witch hunt, but nothing will calm Crazy Gary. Since Caleb isn't around to take it out on for killing his brother, he goes after Rachel, instead. He gets the deputy to help him kidnap Rachel by pretending the sheriff wants to see her at the police station, but instead drives her to a remote spot in the woods where he plans to question her. If she doesn't give him the answers he wants, he isn't above torturing her for them.

I think we can say Tom's marriage is over after this, as he angrily confronts his wife for betraying him. When he can't find Rachel he becomes worried, but Maggie tries to say he's worried about nothing. Meanwhile the sheriff figures something is up and heads up to Gary's little torture cabin in the woods. He tries to talk him down. Then Tom and Marty arrive and the situation escalates with Gary fatally shooting Rachel, who dies in a devastated Tom's arms. Gary said he didn't mean to do it, but he's arrested anyway. And that's when all hell really breaks loose.

Jacob is strange. He doesn't seem to be the least bit affected by the scene at church and meets a new girl while playing. He even sneaks away to play with her, while refusing to use his knowing of other deadies to try and locate Rachel. When he disappears Lucille tracks him down and discovers his new playmate and her parents are new Returnees.

Caleb warned them more were coming; more than they could imagine and he was right. All over town the dead are arriving back in Arcadia. Some gone so long they don't know what all the newfangled gadgets of the modern age is. The sheriff runs home thinking he'll find his dead wife there, but all he finds is Maggie. Maggie, however, plays a hunch and discovers her mother is back, but she went to her lover instead of her husband and child.

In other Arcadia news, Eric reveals he has leukemia and reveals that Jacob's blood can cure him. Is it possible that the Returnees blood could cure all the sick and dying and allow them to continue living, as well?

Lastly, Marty is driving along a dark road and he spots a woman in the road. When she turns around, it's Rachel. She's the first Returnee to come back twice. The big question is if she could come back, then why couldn't Caleb?

The only difference in the situations of Caleb and Rachel is Rachel died in her physical body while Caleb just disappeared, seemingly from not being able to feed his out of control metabolism. So if the Returnees are killed they come back, but apparently if a live person dies they don't come back, as we haven't seen Gary's brother amongst any of the Returnees flooding the town. So if the living die, they apparently will stay dead. There's still no rhyme or reason why these people are coming back from the dead.

And it still seems to be only happening in Arcadia since there isn't some world-wide panic over the dead returning and the military hasn't invaded Arcadia and taken the dead into custody to experiment on them like lab rats.


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