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Resurrection -- There's No Moral Compass On Whose Being Resurrected

Updated on March 24, 2014

If so, Caleb would still be dead

So just what was in the casket when Marty and Maggie opened it? Apparently, the rotted corpse of Young Jacob wearing the same T-Shirt Jacob arrived in. Marty cut out the tag in the T-Shirt and saw a faded version of Jacob's name printed on it that's printed in Lucille's hand on the new Jacob's T-Shirt. It's like a clone has been made of the Jacob in the casket only this one is alive.

Meanwhile, Caleb begins the episode washing the blood off of the hammer he used to murder the man's house he stormed into. Seems Caleb and the man may have buried stolen money from the bank and that's why he angrily went on the attack saying, "You took it all."

Marty comes to question Caleb and Caleb haves him on about how he remembers being dead, then laughs in Marty's face. Marty wants to know why Caleb told Jacob to lie. He says because he knows what's going to happen if he doesn't. And it seems Caleb is right. The blond townswoman who got all the parents to take their kids from the park when Jacob was playing there makes her next move. She gets the board members of Pastor Tom's church to order him to ban Lucille and Jacob from coming to church. She also suggests Jacob's return is the work of the devil.

Marty and Maggie go up to Caleb's cabin to investigate and find at least twenty grave-sized holes and I'm thinking he had bodies buried there and dug them up to resurrect them, somehow. Apparently what Caleb was looking for when he was digging all those holes was the money he'd buried there. Still, in one of the holes he dug up there was this white gauzy material that looked like a woman's dress.

Ray also tells Marty and Maggie his theory on who and what Caleb is. He's certainly not his daddy, Ray believes, but an alien. As whacked as that is, it's actually a possibility. Something is bringing these dead people back. Good thing Ray is unaware that Pastor Tom played an alien in V.

The Sheriff pays a visit to Jacob and questions him about what happened the day his wife drowned. He wants to know if the man with her was trying to kill her. Jacob says he was trying to save her. That disappoints the Sheriff as he hoped to have a reason to go kill the man his wife was cheating on him with. He even goes to a bar and tells all the patrons the same and they're all looking a little nervous until he leaves. That's because sitting at the end of the bar unseen is the man the Sheriff was talking about wanting to kill. Well, at least, he knows he may be a marked man.

Henry starts suffering these pains in his hand and I'm thinking, "No, don't be killing him off, I like his character and he's kind of the only one acting normal about a child dead 30 years returning from the grave." Henry suffered the same pains in his hand when Jacob died because he blamed himself for Jacob's death because he made him love the river. Now he's having pains every time he starts to accept Jacob as his son.

Later, Lucille castigates Henry for the way he's treating Jacob. He explains that he's never forgotten Jacob in all the years he's been dead. He still dreams of him and Jacob is still with him. He then turns it around on her and asking how she could let go of their Jacob so easily to accept the New Jacob. She tells him, "How dare you?" and she even refuses to sleep in the same room with him.

Marty goes to check out the man who took Caleb to the hospital when he had his fatal heart attack and finds a gory murder scene at his house. What with the holes around Caleb's cabin and his suspicions about the bank money for him to put two and two together and realize this is Caleb's work. I guess the big question is can one of these resurrected people be killed or are they immortal now?

Finally, Pastor Tom comes back to his church and finds a window broken and footprints all over the floor. He follows them and sees a woman sitting in the pews. He calls to her but she doesn't answer or even turn her head to look at him. When he comes even with the pew she's sitting in he gets the shock of his life. It's his old girlfriend, Rachel. His old DEAD girlfriend, Rachel. She asks him if she's really dead and she came there because she had nowhere else to go. So another has returned.

If there was some connection between Pastor Tom and Caleb, I'd say Pastor Tom was the catalyst for these people coming back. Jacob was his best friend and Rachel is his girlfriend. The only other commonality seems to be they were all cut down in the prime of their lives, and maybe something is giving them a second chance. Of course, in Caleb's case, he was bad before he was dead and he's still bad.

In regards to the ones who have been brought back they all seemed to die in a manner that caused no physical harm to their body. What I mean is they weren't shot and none of their organs were damaged or stabbed or something like that. Jacob drowned and Caleb had a heart attack. So maybe that's the criteria for bringing these people back. Will see if it holds when we find out how Rachel died.


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