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Resurrection -- This Is Only The Beginning

Updated on March 31, 2014

But the beginning of what?

In this episode we learned a bit more about the physiology of The Returned. They have a high metabolism which seems to be why they're eating all the time. And they can sense each other when they're near. And we also know from the previous episode that their original body is still buried in their grave, yet these Clones [for lack of a better word] seem to have all the memories and life experiences of the original model. They also tend to awake in an isolated spot. Jacob in the paddy field in China and Rachel in a cornfield in Parishville, New York. And the Not Dead also seem to return with the ailments they previously had. When Caleb was digging he felt a pain in his chest and Jacob's seizures are because the real Jacob has epilepsy.

You know, even though Maggie and Marty snickered at Ray's alien theory, it's kind of seeming like it is aliens, who are resurrecting these people and then beaming then down to isolated locations. Either that or the Arcadia mortician is some kind of Dr. Frankenstein and maybe switching the real bodies with duplicate bodies and experimenting on the real bodies to bring them back to life.

Yes, there was a body in Jacob's casket dressed in his clothes, but after all this time there's no telling if it was really his body or some child of the same age who was dressed in Jacob's clothes. Maybe it took this mysterious Dr. Frankenstein all this time to figure out how to resurrect these people and until then he's keep their bodies well preserved. Rachel and Jacob both drowned and Caleb had a heart attack so no real damage was done to their organs so maybe that's what makes them a candidate for resurrection. I mean, people are freezing their bodies until what they died of can be cured and they can live again. Maybe that's what this is.

Anyway, we pick up where we left off with Marty finding the dead guy and the sheriff arriving at the scene. Since Marty arrived the Sheriff has been his enemy, but Marty finally convinces the Sheriff this is Caleb's doing and that Caleb robbed the local armor car the day he died and was burying the money when he had his fatal heart attack.

Of course, Elaine won't believe it and defends her daddy, even when Caleb pulls another armor car robbery. This time he shoots the guard. Maggie says Caleb was a lot of things but not a killer and Marty suggests that Caleb came back changed in some way and this Caleb is more than capable of murder.

Meanwhile, some teens flash a light into Jacob's room trying to see the resurrected boy and this causes Jacob to have a seizure. Lucille tells Maggie how Jacob is mass-eating and she's constantly finding food wrappers stuck between his mattress daily. Maggie says his metabolism has changed, but Lucille won't hear it when Maggie suggests that Jacob has changed. She's got her little boy back and that's all she cares about.

Maggie is driving Jacob home from the hospital when he tells Maggie where the missing Caleb is hiding. He tells her he can feel that Caleb is near. She tells her father and Marty and they go to the warehouse he's hiding in. Marty smells something burning, and for a moment I thought maybe Caleb was going to set the warehouse on fire, cause he was burning something inside of it. I was also curious if they shot Caleb if it would hurt or kill him or if since he's dead you can't kill him. I didn't find out since Caleb gave himself up and no one had the need to try and shoot him.

As the handcuffs are being put on Caleb, the Sheriff tells him it's all over, but he corrects him with an ominous statement that this is only the beginning.

Meanwhile, Tom hides Rachel out in the church. Seems Rachel killed herself by driving her car off a bridge. She says she didn't plan to do it. She didn't explain what she meant, but she said everything Tom thought about her was a lie and she thought it could finally be all over if she drove off the bridge, so she did. Rachel's upset that Tom found someone else and is now married.

I don't know if Tom really found a new love, as his wife Janine seems like a perfect pastor's wife, but she also seems cold and a bit of a prig. When Tom tells her about Rachel all she wants is him to get rid of her, as she walks coldly out the door.

Tom heads to the church and finds the trouble-making church lady [who now has a name] Helen wanting to know what's going on at the church. She insists snooping around the basement, but Rachel is gone. Tom finds Rachel at their old place where he carved their names into a tree. He says he can't stay with her but he doesn't want to go. So Tom has a bigger problem then his childhood friend coming back from the dead.

The town's taken it pretty well about a couple of dead people coming back from the dead, but what will they do when they found out one of those dead people just staged a bank robbery and shot a guard? Will they believe all the resurrected people are bad people and a danger to them? And what if even more people come back from the dead? It seems like this situation is ripe to get out of hand, especially when church lady Helen is feeding the fires with her talk out it possibly being the work of the devil.

So far, the woman got the other parents to not let their kids play with Jacob. And she got the church elders to ban Jacob and Lucille from attending church. So what will she do next? If anyone will be the fire starter in Arcadia, it seems like it's going to be her.


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