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Musically Bipolar: My Top 8 (Assorted) Artists

Updated on February 14, 2016
Alexis Cogwell profile image

Alexis loves many forms of entertainment. When she writes about her entertainment preferences, it's generally a list of some sort. Enjoy!


Definition of Musical Bipolarity

I'm not bipolar but my music choices would portray another story if someone were to be a fly on the wall when I'm scrolling through my Pandora channels, Humans hold the capacity for many different feelings, and I like to find a song for all the subcategories of those feelings. I've made it a point that, if I hear a song, I remember the title or the Artist. If I like the particular track that's been played enough to stand out from the crowd, I make it a point to know the album it came from. I'm not picky when it comes to music, and my favorites might include genres you consider bizarre when sitting next to each other. I assure you, though, if your mind is open to different genres of music, that will open your mind to wonderful things. As of writing this article, I listen mainly to pop, rock, and indie artists. I will only include artists that have made music within the last 10 years today, as "retro" will probably be a future article, along with Top 5's for all my genres.

#1 Slipknot

I'm going to try for 10 different genres in this article, and Slipknot gets the number one spot with their metal. They slow it down to rock sometimes, but it's more and more rare these days because of Stone Sour. (wait for it...) Their endless tracks fill my phone's music library, and a good portion of my external hard drive's music folder.

They tear up sets live, and he still refuses to disappoint his fans. "Psychosocial" has hit 72 million views on YouTube, "Dead Memories has 26 million views, and "The Devil in I" might blow both of those out of the water with 67 million views and climbing. The band keeps up with their Vevo account, their webpage, and I would imagine a couple social media sites. Corey writes books, and does a ton of interviews, including live interviews on radio. They're not making a comeback, they were always here, making us feel the hell they've lived. They scream it into our faces and shred their instruments making us hear it. Having had the honor of seeing them live, I can tell you they're worth your money. I'm waiting for another slow song on their next album, and I have faith that the new drummer (and bassist) will be settled by then and ready for one. Slipknot screams the anger of my soul, and can sing the words of my heart, while providing awesome instrumentals as well. They will go down in history as metal legends with the rest of the great artists in this category.

As long as Corey Taylor continues to write, I will listen to his music and read his books. I wait every time I hear even a mention of something new his voice belongs to. He really captured me all together, and I might go as far to say he's m favorite artist of all time. (He's number one, isn't he?) For comic book fans, he has a couple of those too. He just keeps making art for future generations to cherish for their entire lives.

#2 Hanson

In 1998, Hanson stole my heart from Billy Ray Cryus. I was one of the thousands of screaming fans at their "Road to Albertane" tour (Chicago), and had the VHS tapes in duplicates. I watched them over and over again with the one friend I met in middle school that shared my love for Ike, Tay, and (most especially), Zac Hanson. They had taken America's hearts, too, but we thought that we'd be the ones to marry them. (We would have to fight for Zac when it was time.) Now that they're older, and the Hanson brothers have Hanson babies to share with us, the fans are just as wild when there's a show. Now at the House of Blues in Chicago when they come, there are no crowds like there was in 1998 and 1999. The fans that are left have no problem making friends in the venues, though, sharing drinks and jumping up and down together when our favorite old song is played. All three boys play different instruments, and are well-versed with a new instrument before playing live.

The music is why Hanson does what the do. They have stuck true to breaking away from their record label and making music with their own money, letting them touch the indie community. Where indie fans may not be completely into Hanson, the boys do support independent artists. I imagine they know all too well the struggle to being able to do what they love, for the fans that love them. They're musical heroes.

It might just be me, but Hanson might outlive The Beatles in their legend. I truly believe that, and I'm sure there's statistics for it somewhere... *Looking* I'll be waiting until the come around to Chicago again, and then i think it's time to see them live... one more time.

#3 Stone Sour

Stone Sour is on this list so that I can talk some more about Corey Taylor. The whole band is awesome, and I love instrumentals. It's hard to keep track of all the instrumentalists that I love, though, and that would make for a whole different list. Stone Sour has an entirely different sound from Slipknot, despite its similarities. Over the years the band has shared members with Slipknot, but they tend to stick to rock and roll instead of screaming metal. The lyrics are clearer, generally with more audible emotions.

"Say You'll Haunt Me" was supposed to be my wedding song. I've been with my husband since high school, and we ended up deciding to have a small wedding of 13 spectators, but it would have been my wedding song. In a way, it is still me and my husband's song for each other. Corey loves deeply when he loves, and so do I. I don't just give my heart away, you have to promise way past death to be my husband. He did, and we've been married for almost 4 years with this song playing on my YouTube account a hundred views or more in that time.

When I was drinking too heavily, Corey was always there for me with a good reality check from Stone Sour. In a way, music has probably saved my life. My musical influences are what I base my morals on. I do not have religion. I always say that I have Christian values, but I am not a Christian. I also have Karmic values, but am not Hindu. Stone Sour showed me how words can hurt, actions can hurt, and others do care whether you live or die. With Corey's music in the background, some of the best friends I have pulled me back from the edge, in one way or another.

#4 Fefe Dobson

Fefe Dobson was playing on the radio when I bought my first car. My friends and i would all pile into my soccer mom van and head up to Chicago for no reason other than to blast loud music, and for those with pop on their musical pallet, this is where we intersected most. I ended up getting to know more than just the titles on the radio, and as I grew to love her music, I found many heartfelt titles.

I still keep a mix in my car with a little Fefe on it. She ends up on CD's with Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry. It goes with me everywhere, reminding me of a time where I was responsible for nothing other than making sure I abide by the rules of the road. She still makes music, and it's still full of enthusiasm. I'm going to keep her around in my playlists forever, probably; at least until she stops producing those beats.

#5 Gavin DeGraw

Gavin DeGraw always got grouped in with Edwin McCain, though they do have different sounds. I chose Gavin for the #5 spot because he's never disappointed me. I can find at least two or three good songs on every album.

I haven't always been a fan of love, and neither has Gavin. He sings love songs with a twist of heartache, and then he sings straight love longs. All the while, he's kept the same sound he came out with.

#6 John Cougar Mellencamp

Mellencamp... he's just classic. If I were to make a dictionary, his music would be the definition of classic. He basically coined the term "Sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll," as far as I see it.

When I was a kid, I related to him because he was from the region I grew up. He had been to the places I had been, and he sang about small towns like the one I grew up in. My mom and I used to jam to John Mellencamp when we cleaned the house. He brings back so many memories, and although I don't hold the "Corey Taylor connection" with him, he still has a place in my heart forever.

His newest music doesn't do it for me anymore, but I listen to his older music over and over again, in my car, on YoutTube, and in my dreams now and then.

#7 Katy Perry

With over a million likes on YouTube, Katy Perry took America by storm before I even noticed. Her music was always on the radio, but I didn't actually check out any of her music before I knew she was going to stick around for awhile; so many of my favorite pop artists have "10 minutes of fame," and just as I fall in love, they leave me. Katy has stuck around, though, and I love watching her journey in music. She shares parts of herself that people wouldn't normally see, and it takes me back to the days of watching those VHS Hanson tour videos. Fans love to know their artists, really know them, and Katy knows that. (Her publicists do, at least.) She connects with us, and she's sweet, and I can't wait to see her in concert one day. She still tours as far as I know, and I don't see a stop to her artwork any time soon.

#8 Josh Turner

Josh Turner made my list with one simple phrase: "Time is Love". I'm a lover of a great variety of country music, and it was hard for me to pick from all those amazing artists. I had to think to myself, "What is the firs country song I play when I want to be reminded what country music is all about?" And it's always Josh turner, with his authentic (for today) country sound and heartfelt lyrics about the girl he loves.

He has other great titles, but this is the first country song my best friend sang to me while he was tuning his voice one day, and I fell in love deeper with the meaning of the song. The friend that sang this song to me hates country music, but made the time for me anyways, and that kind of thing can mean the world to people without the artist ever knowing they made the difference.


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    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Oooh I forgot all about Queen until you said that.. They definitely deserve a mention in a future hub. :) Thank you for reading lawerence. :)

    • lawrence01 profile image

      Lawrence Hebb 

      2 years ago from Hamilton, New Zealand

      Interesting. Of the artists I'd heard of two here. Slipknot and Katy Perry.

      For me Queen would have to be on the list but if I had to pick a song it would be Behemian Rhapsody with 'We are the champions" second!



    • DrBill-WmL-Smith profile image

      William Leverne Smith 

      2 years ago from Hollister, MO

      What fun! I do like the last three... music is a very personal choice, for sure! ;-)

    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      Thank you Carolyn! :) Tri-polar, I like that. LoL The "bipolar" play on words applies to many interests in my life. I try to find something for every mood when it comes to music. Thank you for reading, and I hope to see you around. :)

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 

      2 years ago from South Dakota, USA

      I love your title: "Musically Bipolar." If I apply that concept in my life, I would have to say that I am at least tri-polar, or maybe even omni-polar. You get my drift. I think a person should listen to whatever they find appealing, regardless of the "label." Sort of like wine. If it tastes good to you, drink it. I listen to a little rock and roll, some country, some blues, some new age, some native American Indian spiritual music, a bit more jazz, and a lot of classical. Its more about finding the right mood - or feeling as you put it. Anyway, thank you for this hub. I will be paying more attention to remembering the title of the song and artist from now on. That is the gift you have just given me.

    • Alexis Cogwell profile imageAUTHOR

      Ashley Cogdill 

      2 years ago from Indiana/Chicagoland

      I'm full of unusual choices.. :) Thank you for reading.

    • suziecat7 profile image


      2 years ago from Asheville, NC

      I do like Hanson and Mellencamp. Unusual choices here but I can see why you like them.


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