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Retro Reverb Records Charts Top 3 Tracks for July 2020

Updated on August 7, 2020
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Karl is a longtime freelancer who's passionate about music, art, and writing.

1. All 4 U - Nevermann

All 4 U by Nevermann opens with the wash of waves on the beach. Piano chords swell into the track as Nevermann’s expressive and strong voice moves into the track. The vocals are full of passion and there’s a solid surge of drums and bass underneath them that creates a driven, classic synthwave beat.

The lyrics are a hymn to love and the person being addressed in the song. This is upbeat, energizing and heart touching stuff. It’s a song that cuts through the gloom of the world and delivers a message of deep caring and love.

There are nice retro pop vibes here but the song doesn’t cross over too far as that strong synth surge and propulsive beat creates an infectious groove. There’s also a soaring electric guitar solo that wheels and turns over the top of the surging beat and bass. This track also had nice clear, sharp production.

2. Moments - The Last Years

Moments by The Last Years features bouncing synths over a strong beat and waves of deep bass flowing underneath to establish a feeling of waves of sound washing out through the space of the track. The lead singer’s delicate, slightly trembling voice moves in with gentle tones that caress the ears. The beat drives on and adds energy underneath those strong but soft vocals as a guitar adds more full, rich sound to the music.

This is a tale of love, touched with a little melancholy.The lyrics weave the story and the singer digs deep into his emotional voice to express the sadness that is at the heart of the song. His voice soars over the other elements of the track as the synths oscillate through the music.

The track has a real sense of air in it and the feeling that it creates is drifting and spacious. I liked how the vocal melody was the main melodic element with the other parts holding it up well, supporting and not overtaking.

3. Heartbreak Kids - 10eighty6

Heartbreak Kids by 10eighty6 begins with warm circling arps and a deep throbbing beat moves in along with pulses of bass that climb and descend underneath as Angelpie’s voice moves in with some real ‘80s sensibility to it. She has an airiness to her voice along with a palpable feeling of pain that flows out of it, fitting the emotion of the lyrics well. There are ethereal arps that circle and glowing bursts of synth keep shining out into the music.

The solid pulse and heartbeat of the drums oscillates into the track and Angelpie’s voice moves through the waves of delicate and warm sound around it. This is a song with a nostalgic melancholy about it that pours from every part of it.

There is an ache in the song, a feeling of dreaming about a possible future that never really came to pass. The way each element of the track interlocked helped to add both motion and an emphasis on the feeling of loss and nostalgic dreaming that permeates the landscape of the music here.


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