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Retro Themed Costume Party, Retro Celebrity Character Ideas

Updated on April 1, 2013

If you're a fan of TV shows and movies from the 70's - 90's, Bring back the party! With these ideas for a classic, retro dress up costume.

The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

- Will, Carlton

Fan of the 90's? Relive the 90's by dressing up as the fresh prince of Bel Air! Who didn't love that show? It might well have been the last taste of good clean, retro style happy natured humor before the 20th century struck.

The style of Will from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, is a fairly easy one to recreate. Head on down to your local second hand clothing stores, there's a good chance they'll have a selection of the perfect attire for your Fresh Prince outfit. All you need is a loose fitting bright colored T-shirt or Jacket (neon is preferable), patterned pants, brightly colored short shorts, or light blue jeans will do. To complete your costume, a cap which must be worn with the cap peak bent upwards or turned side ways, any fan of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air should know that!

Or if you dig Tom Jones & Carlton was your favorite character, don a striped shirt, chino's, bow tie, and a sweater tied around your shoulders.

Fresh Prince Of Bel Air Quotes;

Will: "You shouldn't leave me here alone, Uncle Phil. Did you ever see the movie House Party?"

Uncle Phil: "No Will. Did you see The Terminator?"

"Roses are red, Violets are blue, Jazz and I are black, but, Carlton, what are you?" -Will

"If you went down to jazz's neighbourhood looking the way you look and talking the way you talk, you wouldn't come back walking the way you walk." -Will

Uncle Phil: "Back in college, I had a professor named Matthew Langford. The man changed my life. You want to know how? He challenged me."
Will: "To what? A pie-eating contest?"

Will: "Omg! Carlton! what's that growing on your neck?!"
Carlton:"AHH! where?!"
Will: "oh that's just your head"


The Young Ones

-Vyvyan, Rick, Neil, Mike

You'll either love or hate The Young One's, there is no middle ground when it comes to this fun, surrealist, completely frickin insane & original comedy series. I've always thought it would be hilarious if someone turned up to a costume party dressed up as Vyv. To get Vyv's look you will need his trade mark silver stars stuck to your forehead, jeans and a denim jacket. Of course with the denim jacket you will need to cut off the sleeves, write VERY METAL across the back of it, and embellish it with studs. Wear ripped jeans, add black lace up boots, fake nose ring & a padlock around your neck for good measure. If your'e not down to dye your hair orange for the night, you could use food coloring or hair chalk to color.

For Rick's look you will need a black suit that is at least a size too small, badges to put on your blazer, and a dirty looking collared shirt. For full impact, add a tie and make your hair so that it's sticking up all crazy like. Spotty face is optional.

For Neil's look you can wear any baggy shirt and pants that look absolutely filthy, worn canvas sneakers, and you will need a long, scruffy, teased wig, if you don't have long hair. Add a low slung fabric satchel to complete your look.

Last but not least, Mike, 'The cool one'. In my humble opinion, Mike is the least exciting. Although he is indeed a vital component of the show and i respect that, he's kind of boring when compared to the other characters. But if Mike was your favourite character, or you're really short! Then play it cool and be Mike for a night. Either wear a suit or suit vest and pants with a tie and aviator sunglasses.

The Young Ones Quotes;

"Vyvyan, Vyvyan, Vyvyan!! Honestly, every time something explodes in this house, it's always bloody Vyvyan!!" -Vyv

"This calls for a very special blend of psychology and extreme violence." -Vyvyan

"It's as if the kettle's killed itself rather than be used by me." -Neil, (kettle blows up)

"Crucifixion is a really negative way to kill yourself man, I've tried it before loads of times, there's no way you can hammer in the last nail." -Neil

Happy Days

- The Fonz/ Fonzie

Who was cooler than The Fonz from the mid 70's to 80's? The correct answer would be NO ONE! No one was cooler than the Fonz. If The Fonz were to exist in this day and age, most of us would probably think that he was a complete douche! But the Fonz is most certainly not a d-bag, he's a sweet & sensitive guy beneath the super swish, impossibly cool exterior. Let him live again!

All you need is a black or brown leather jacket, a white t-shirt, high waisted jeans, and a quiff that would rival Elvis.

Fonzie Quotes:

"You ain't nobody until you do what you want!"

"Ay, that's ok Mrs. C, everyone has a little temper tantrum once in a while."

"Did you send your brain on vacation?"


- The pink ladies, The T birds, Danny, Sandy.

If you don't love this movie, you're probably never seen it. Anyone who loved the movie Grease has seen it time after time, and a few times more. This classic movie is littered with colorful characters, which is what makes it a must-see for any one of any age. The T-Birds & The Pink Ladies are the dominant gangs, and the cool kid's of Rydal High.

To Dress in costume as a pink lady, anything pink goes! But if your going to represent, make sure you represent and write 'The Pink Ladies' on the back of your pink top. This costume is more fun when done in a group, as with the T-Birds.

The T-Birds wear a black leather jacket with T-Birds written across the back, and jeans. You need a quiff hair style & converse sneakers also.

Danny pretty much wears the same attire as the rest of the T-Birds, black jeans are preferable.

For Sany's pre-revamp style, wear a white blouse tucked into a high-waisted, mid- calf length tulle like skirt. Sandy after her makeover is a look the few people can pull off. Dress from top to toe in skin tight leather, & teaze hair.

Grease Quotes;

"I got so many hickeys, people will think I'm a leper." -Rizzo

Sandy: "Are you making fun of me, Riz? "
Rizzo: "Some people are so touchy."

"Tell me about it, Stud."-Sandy

"That's cool baby, you know how it is, rockin' and rollin' and what not." -Danny

The Brady Bunch

- Jan, Marsha, Mrs Brady, Mr Brady

Jan, Oh Jan. How can you not love that schizophrenic, completely crazy ass blond? If only Marsha wasn't such an attention seeking bitch, then Jan would have her time to shine. Although Jan was always jealous of her older, better looking & confident sister, Jan touched many heart's in her reign, and was the favourite character of many. To get Jan's look you will need a long blond wig, and with it you will need to pull back a small section of the front hair at the top of the head, securing it with bobby pins. Then of course you will have to curl the bangs framing your face into ringlets. Wear massive rimmed geeky glasses, the geekier the better, and any retro clothing will do, from florals to a yellow blouse, it's all in the walk! (And the hair swish).

Marsha's look is one to try if your tall and thin, you have to be to pull it off! Don a long blond dead straight wig, a super short skirt, retro blouse, and your'e good to go.

For Mrs Brady's look you need shoudler length blond hair which must be curled upwards at the ends. Wear a bat shit crazy print blouse & high waisted pencil skirt or pants to complete the look.

Mrs Brady would have never fallen in love with Mr Brady if he wasn't such a hunk of spunk. To be as hunky & spunky as Mr Brady you will need to look your best as Mr.Brady does. Mr brady always wear a clean collared shirt, chino's and sometimes a grey or brown suit & tie.

Brady Bunch Qutoes;

"Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!" -Jan

"As a wise man once said, "Wherever you go, there you are."- Mr.Brady

"Put on your sunday best kid's, we're going to sears!" -Mr. Brady

I myself personally love all of these retro movies and Tv shows, and i'm just waiting for an opportunity to recreate one of these costumes. If you feel the same, then let the past live again! These were better days, have some fun and let them live on


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