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Reunion Of Girl Group Could Inspire More Bands Named After Smiths Songs

Updated on November 18, 2019

One Of These Girls Turned To The Smiths For Her Next Band's Name


Band's Named After Smiths Songs

After she peeled away from Bananarama, Siobhan Faust formed another girl band called Shakespeares Sister. Her second band never matched the success of hits like "Venus", but it did muster a loyal following on its formation in 1988.

Shakespeares Sister, which disbanded twenty seven years ago, has recently reunited. Siobhan and group co-founder Keren Woodward just released an EP Ride Again, according to the Music News website.

Whether or not they become a household name, Shakespeares Sister will forever be remembered as the first band whose name is a song by the Smiths. The next group to cite a Morrissey and Johnny Marr title in its name was Pretty Girls Make Graves, post metal rockers who formed in Seattle in 2001.

Here are ten other songs by the Smiths which could make enticing names for aspiring bands.

1. This Charming Man
Any suave crooner could legitimately go by this single from the self-titled debut, but it would be much cooler were a raucous punk band to adapt it.

2. Death At One's Elbow
Metal would be the perfect genre for any group bearing this assignation, taken from the short but brilliant track from Strangeways Here We Come.

3. Rusholme Ruffians
Alternative rock has already had the Stranglers and the Killers, so a similar band could could easily use this title from the Meat Is Murder album.

4. Handsome Devil
Somewhat like the first suggestion above, this catchy track from Hatful Of Hollow could work equally well with either a pop singer or a punk outfit.

5. Nowhere Fast
Picture a slow-paced jam band, whose gigs are seemingly endless, adapting a name based on this cut from Meat Is Murder.

6. The Boy with a Thorn in His Side
Morrissey himself, or a similarly depressed artist, could use this The Queen Is Dead single as an alias.

7. Vicar in a Tutu
With this track from The Queen Is Dead you could get not only a band name, but also the idea for its wardrobe.

8. Sweet and Tender Hooligan
Any band with this name from Louder Than Bombs could employ the gimmick of wearing rough exteriors while performing sappy love songs.

9. Rubber Ring
Louder Than Bombs, the record that already has spawned Shakespeares Sister, could offer this title to a pop band.

10. Paint a Vulgar Picture
PVP (based on the title from Strangeways Here We Come) could eventually be the acronym for a group with this name, assuming they could achieve success close to that of the Electric Light Orchestra or Emerson Lake and Palmer or Earth Wind and Fire.


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