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Revenge -- Aidan Still Has A Big O For Emily

Updated on October 14, 2013

Gee, Emily, it seems God isn't on your side

I was wondering if Aidan aka the little wooden boy could be trusted. If he really was out to get Emily, wouldn't he have told Victoria right off the bat that Emily is really Amanda Clarke? It became obvious he still had a big O for Emily and was only using Victoria so he could get back in Emily's presence. Only it turned out to be a lot worse than that. It seems the human Ken doll is secretly working for Emily and she set him up to approaching Victoria. I seriously wanted to personally wipe the smug look off her face when she announced to the world that Victoria is broke.

Aidan reveals the last time he saw Daniel, Daniel shot him. Then he bared his little wooden chest to show the bullet wound in his shoulder. For a second I thought Emily was going to kiss it and make it better. My stomach is turning just writing that, let alone picturing it. Next time you shoot someone, Daniel, shoot him in the head. That way he won't come back.

As I said, the wooden boy still has a big O for Emily. Something that wasn't part of Princess' plan was him revealing to Victoria that good old Emily was still screwing Aidan when she was engaged to Daniel, which Victoria couldn't wait to tell Daniel about. She also told him how Emily bought Nolan's house for him.

Having Aidan back in town makes Daniel install a security system in Emily's beach house, which is the last thing she wanted. It's going to make her sneaking around a little more difficult now.

Margeaux and Daniel lock horns when she wants to do a cover story on Nolan and Daniel doesn't want Nolan getting any publicity. They both go behind each other's back trying to get their own way. While Daniel goes running to Margeaux's daddy to stop her, Margeaux gets Jack to take her to Nolan's party as her date and tells Nolan she wants to interview him.

Emily is bitten by the green-eyed monster watching Jack and Margeaux having a good time together. She's better keep that jealousy under wraps around her little wooden boy toy, since he's already trying to sabotage her relationship with Daniel to get back into her panties. If he realizes Emily has real feelings for Jack, something tells me the little wooden boy toy isn't going to like it.

Is Patrick Nolan's potential new boyfriend? Is that why he isn't enthralled by the irresistible Emily Thorne. I'm really rolling my eyes over that one. There seemed to be a little vibe going on between Patrick and Nolan when they had an encounter at Nolan's club and at his party. That will sit well with Miss Pucker Puss since Patrick acts like she's got cooties or he smells something bad whenever he has to be in the vicinity of Ms. Thorne.

Conrad's in a bad way. He's having nightmares where Charlotte is stabbing him in the chest. In short, he's plumb for the picking for Ms. Thorne. All she needs to do is get Father Paul to do her dirty work for her. So she waits for him in the confessional ready to take his confession and promising him absolution as well as clearing his name if he can get Conrad to confess publicly to his sins. He agrees and promptly goes to work on Conrad.

My eyes were seriously rolling over her line about he'll have her forgiveness. Since as far as Father Paul is concerned she has nothing to do with David Clarke, why would he need her forgiveness? She's such a smug self-righteous hypocrite. She doesn't seem to get all the stuff she preaches about others paying for their sins could be applied directly to herself.

Victoria has a cow when she hears what Conrad is going to do and vows it'll be the last thing he ever does if he opens his yap to the cops. It seems Victoria won't have to worry, as divine intervention stops Conrad from going to the cop shop and spilling his guts. Emily drives up to see Conrad's car on fire and her religious mouth piece lying on the ground like fresh road kill. While she's reacting to that, Conrad walks up behind her just fine.

Gee, Emily what does that say to you that God stopped Conrad from confessing and struck down your religious stooge in the process? It kinds of says he's not on your side. That he doesn't support your actions.

Of course it's more likely that Conrad crashed his car because of the drugs Emily keeps feeding him to make him think he's dying. In short, little Miss Thorne got neatly hoisted on her own petard.

Seriously, this chick can't get shot soon enough for me. I'm living for that moment when one of her victims finally has enough and fills her full of lead. If I could I'd have the clip of her getting plugged and falling backwards off the ship and into the ocean on an endless repeat mode so I could watch it over and over again.

I really can't decide who I want to plug her more. They all have a good motive and I'd be rooting for them if they did it. I think she really crossed the line drugging Conrad to make him think he's dying. And God knows Victoria has plenty of reasons to want to plug her, as well. Then there's Daniel. I don't think I'd enjoy it as much if it was the little wooden boy toy, though.

It's not that I think she'll die. I'm sure she won't. I'm just going to enjoy her getting a little taste of her own medicine for once. She walks around so smug and thinking she's untouchable. It's time she learned there's a price to pay for her actions, as well.

I'm sure Jack will end up saving her, since from the promos they seem to still be selling them as the end game couple.


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