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Revenge -- Amanda Learns Her Father Was Murdered

Updated on April 26, 2012

How Will This Change Things?

Several months have passed and its December. Daniel's trial is in full-swing. The prosecution has nearly completed it's case against Daniel and things are not looking well for him. Since Amanda and Nolan have managed to keep Jack out of town on a wild goose chase looking for Emily, the Graysons haven't been able to frame him for the crime to get Daniel off the hook.

Brooks believes Juror #3 has already made her mind up to Daniel's guilt and wants to put Amanda on the stand to make Daniel appear sympathetic. That's basically all Victoria needs to hear, as she calls her hired gun, Lee Moran, again, and arranges for him to threaten Juror #3. Amanda has bugged the Graysons so she hears Victoria make the call and gets Moran on film threatening to harm Juror #3's son if she doesn't make it a hung jury.

Jack sees on the news that Declan is set to testify and he comes home to stop Declan from lying on the stand. Daniel is watching from the Grayson mansion as Jack arrives to visit Amanda. This sets off his jealousy and mistrust of Amanda and Victoria adds fuel to the fire when she points out, later, that Amanda and Jack were sitting together at his trial. The straw that breaks the camel's back is when Daniel watches Amanda leaving her house and not answering his phone call. He starts drinking and breaks house arrest to go wait for Amanda inside her house. When she returns he unloads on her and even shoves her in anger. The police arrive and arrest him and it's back to Riker's for Danny boy.

Victoria tells Charlotte she needs to work her magic on Declan to get him to back-up her story when he testifies. So she dresses in a sexy little dress and arrives at Declan's trying to seduce him into telling the truth. Nolan arrives and breaks it up and urges Declan to lie and protect his brother from the Graysons. Declan does just that on the stand. In response, Charlotte hooks up with her ex-boyfriend, who supplies her with some more pills.

Jack tells Nolan about the bloody hoodie he's keeping and Nolan tells Amanda. She tells Nolan to get Jack away from the bar and she breaks in. She tries to make it look like a robbery, but the only thing she takes is the bloody hoodie. She plants it in Lee Moran's car and calls the police on him. He's arrested and becomes a suspect in Tyler's murder, just as she planned.

Victoria's relationship with The Artist is still going strong. She tells him she told him she could never love someone because she was afraid what it would do to her if she lost him, so she settled for a marriage of convenience to Conrad. Then she met David and he began to fill the void The Artist left behind. Conrad discovers Victoria's relationship with the man and pays him a visit. It seems Victoria and The Artist were partners in conning people into believing they were buying master works of art. Conrad was one of the victims and that's how he and Victoria met. Conrad vows to out Victoria unless The Artist leaves Victoria high and dry. Which is exactly what he does when Victoria goes to see him and find him gone.

Victoria has other problems when Moran calls her and threatens to tell what he knows unless she gets him out of this mess. Conrad comes in and hears and takes matters into his own hands. He arranges to have Moran murdered, but makes it look like a suicide, complete with a suicide note taking the blame for killing Tyler.

I was liking Daniel until that pathetic note to Amanda that made it sound like he was about to kill himself because he had a fight with her. I know it was to make everyone think it was him hanging from the jail cell. I kinda wish it had been after that pathetic note. So, he was going to plead guilty because he had a fight with his girlfriend. God, what a pathetic loser.

If Amanda was thinking of letting go of her revenge plan, she got a new reason to up the ante. While listening to Conrad arranging the hit on Moran, she learns he also did the same to her father. Not only did the Graysons frame her father for a crime he didn't commit, they had him murdered as well.


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