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Revenge -- And The Killer Is

Updated on March 2, 2012

No need to wonder or speculate who did it, as we were shown who did it. But, considering the way the previous episode ended it was pretty obvious. And it seems Fauxmanda may have met the same fate as Tyler.

Grampa Grayson isn't around to offer his family support. He's flown back to the mainland. Most likely to do damage control and protect the thing he loves most; his company. Come back, Willie D, I miss you, already. You brought an element to the show I really liked.

Daniel claims he can't remember what happened on the beach, but he does remember something. Tyler showing him the revenge photo and saying Emily had stuff hidden under the floorboard of her beach house. When Emily goes to see Nolan, Daniel looks in the floorboard, but all the incriminating stuff is gone. Emily catches him and she claims they stuff still in there belonged to the girl who used to live there. Which isn't a lie, precisely, since she is the girl that used to live there.

Victoria pays Emily a visit with a gift and a wish: that Emily stay with Daniel. My, how things have changed. Victoria is in Save Daniel Mode and she's even willing to embrace her enemy [Emily] as her friend if it means saving her precious baby boy. Victoria's all about presenting a united the point she even has Conrad move back into the house. She's also all about trying to find a fall guy for Daniel. Like last time, a Clarke will serve just fine, and she's trying to shift blame on to Amanda Clarke. If she learns Jack was the dude in the hoodie on the beach near the body, I'm sure Jack could also serve as a convenient patsy for her.

This whole mess is reminding Conrad of the pass. He recalls coming to Victoria the night the airplane crashed and telling her he was laundering money from the group behind the plane crash. He told her she would have to raise Daniel alone and that they would lose everything. Victoria also thinks back to the past when Charlotte asks her what her real father was really like. She says she's not up for answering that at the moment. Then she recalls being on the beach and telling David she could never go back to living without nothing, again. So in a nutshell, Victoria chose her love for Daniel and the money and position she had for love for David. I don't think there's anyone Victoria loves more than Daniel. Which is interesting since Conrad is his father and it doesn't seem like she ever truly loved him only his money and position, while Charlotte is the child of the man she did love, but she even admitted she'd wished Charlotte hadn't been born.

Speaking of Charlotte, she's still popping her pills. She won't go to the shrink Declan wants her to see. Emily gives Charlotte a little comfort over the fact David is her father.

Declan realizes it was Jack who was on the beach in the hoodie and vows that he's going to protect him. That could be easier said than done when he's sleeping with a Grayson and he might just happen to mention the truth to Charlotte who will assuredly go tell her parents.

Nolan and Amanda watch Emily arriving on the boat just as Jack was going to leave. Nolan also discovers with was Ashley who released photos of Daniel to the media, then she stepped in to calm the firestorm she started. Meanwhile Amanda realizes Nolan has been working with Mr. T and is not happy. He says he was just trying to look after her. Amanda and Mr. T engage in a girly-man fight at the beach house. He reveals he's taken care of Emily, and since we're treated to a flashback of how the dude killed Tyler, think it's safe to say Emily is now sleeping with the fishes. Sorry, Jack. He also tells her she can't save both Jack and Daniel. In short, one of them is going down like Bobby Brown.

For fans who cried foul that the show tricked them because there was a scene of Daniel being shot and falling to the sand, the flashbacks rectified that. After Daniel got the gun away from Tyler, he shot him once. Then Mr. T came up behind him and knocked him on the head. Hence the scene of Daniel falling to the ground unconscious. He wasn't shot, he was just whacked on the head. Then Mr. T shoots Tyler twice and drags Daniel away. Jack shows up finding Amanda over Tyler's body and drags Tyler up on the sand. Mystery solved.

If Amanda wanted a just revenge on the Graysons she got it without even trying. In shades of the night the police burst into the beach house and arrested David Clarke, they do the same to Daniel. Instead of young Amanda trying to stop the police from taking David away, it's Victoria trying to stop them from taking Daniel away.

At his preliminary hearing Daniel is denied bail and remanded to jail. The credits roll and the announcer announces Revenge will be back in a month. Bummer, considering it wasn't on the week before. Got a suggestion for the networks. How about making more episodes a season so you don't have to have all these stupid hiatuses.


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