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Revenge -- Are Nolan and Emily Playing With Two Psychos?

Updated on October 27, 2013

And Victoria sacrifices one child to protect another

Okay, I'll give it to the show. They can still surprise me. I was sure Charlotte was the one who tried to kill Conrad. I never suspected for a moment it would actually be Patrick.

The big event everyone is going to this week is the launch of Danie's magazine. Margeaux is upset when her father Pascal doesn't show up doesn't show up and sends her a copy of the premiere magazine issue with all his suggestions for improvement. Victoria advises Margeaux to not let any man steal her thunder.

In other Margeaux news she's trying to do a piece on Daniel's wedding and wants some info on Emily's background. When Daniel can't give her any, she says they'll have to learn about Emily together. She also says if she at least had a picture of Emily with her family it would be something to go on. Margeaux may get her wish and soon get that picture.

She drops by Jack's and asks him to be her escort to the magazine launch and he reluctantly agrees, but he doesn't show up. That's because when he comes how psycho Aiden is waiting in Jack's bedroom with a bat acting like he's Jack's friend. He says Conrad is trying to blame Jack for tampering with his car and he's going to give him a chance to leave town before Conrad comes after him. Jack gets Carl out of town but later comes back, having no intention of missing the Graysons being taken down.

Margeaux drops by to tell Jack off and learns about the intruder. Jack says she's the first person that's been able to make him smile and they share a kiss. Neither is aware that Emily is spying on them. She broke in there to steal a fake picture of her childhood to show to Daniel. Nolan advised her is she wanted to get Daniel back under her thumb she's going to need to reveal something of herself to him. I'm guessing it's a picture of the real Emily Thorne with her parents. Which means the poor girl is dead and good old Emily is still using her for all she's worth.

Emily discovers that Aiden told Conrad about someone tampering with his car and figures out he's the one whose trying to set Jack up for it. She demands he get Jack out of trouble, pronto. Being her faithful if psychotically obsessed lap dog he does what she asks and discovers who the real culprit is. He decides to score points with Victoria by sharing his discovery with her.

Victoria goes to Conrad and says it was Charlotte who did it. Charlotte comes forward and confesses she did it. Conrad forgives her and intends to cover up what she did and they hug, but the whole thing has been faked. Charlotte is lying. She's doing it to protect Jack. The person that really tried to kill Conrad was Patrick.

It seems Nolan has hooked himself up with another Tyler. Patrick keeps burning hot and cold with Nolan. He has a fit that Nolan paid his ex $20,000 to learn he was gay and says he doesn't like playing games like that. Nolan promises not to do it anymore and the boys make out and have another heavy make-out session on Nolan's lounger by the pool. But if Patrick tried to kill Conrad could he also be a danger to Nolan? Is Nolan sleeping with a psycho that could turn on him on a dime?

Emily's also playing footsie with a psycho obsessed with her. After seeing Jack and Margeaux kissing, she goes to Aiden and tells him how much he means to her before swapping body fluids with him. After that she goes to Daniel and tells him her pitiful tale of her lost childhood. She shows him the picture she stole from Jack's. Little does she know she may have just committed the mistake that's going to have her lies completely unraveling on her and the reason she ends up getting shot in her wedding gown.

Will Daniel give that picture to Margeaux? If he does, will she start investigating and realize that Daniel is sleeping with the enemy and that she's not who she claims to be?

I want to say again how much I'm enjoying Margeaux. She's like a breath of fresh air on this show. She's one of the best additions to this show that's starting to get a little stale.

Will Emily's little tryst with Aiden get him off of Jack's back? Is that the reason she did it? Or did she do it out of jealousy after seeing Jack and Margeaux kissing?

Another great addition is Justin Hartley as Patrick. I was sorry when they replaced him as The Arrow, but I'm really enjoying him on Revenge. Just what is Patrick's game? And just what is he capable of? He tried to murder Conrad and this time it wasn't a plot mommy and son dreamed up together. He knows mommy has some issues with Nolan, as well? Could he also be in danger from Patrick?

Right now, anyone could possibly be the trigger man who shoots Emily on the boat. It could be Patrick, since we've seen he's more than capable of murder and he sees Emily as his mother's enemy. If Daniel finds out just how Emily played him, he could also go postal all over her butt. And I definitely think Conrad and Victoria are capable of it, especially if Conrad puts together she was behind him thinking he had Huntington's and she's the reason he resigned from office.

Another person I could see doing it is Aiden or Charlotte. Charlotte no longer is snowed by Emily and is just trying to be friendly to her because she's marrying Daniel. If she finds out the truth, she could also shoot her down. And you really shouldn't play with a guy whose psychotically obsessed with you. If Aiden finds out that Jack is the one she really wants and she's only playing him to keep Jack safe from him, he could finally turn on her, as well. After all, he turned on his master Mr. T, didn't he?

And of course the biggest question is just where does Emily go from her. I'm sure she won't die. But if she's finally outted to one and all where does the show go from here?


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