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Revenge -- Back To Business

Updated on January 12, 2012

Target: Mason Treadwell

With Tyler out of her hair, finally, Amanda can get back to business, and get back to her revenge list. Her latest target is the author who wrote the book that convinced her her father was guilty of the crimes he was accused of: Mason Treadwell. Seems Mason, when he was calling himself Lou and was a decent reporter, came to Young Amanda and told her he was going to prove her father innocent. So imagine Young Amanda's shock when she read the book stating David was guilty as charged. Her reaction was to burn her father's photo and stop believing in him. Little did she know that Mason cut a deal with Conrad and Victoria to write a book claiming David was guilty as charged.

Amanda enlists Fauxmanda in her plot as an unknowing pawn in her plot against Mason. Seems Amanda is hoping for a two for the price of one deal. Victoria has sicced Mason on Amanda because she wants to know why Amanda has come back. Wearing a earpiece Mason can't see Fauxmanda says to Mason everything Amanda tells her to say. Nolan believe Amanda's plan is to play on Mason's guilt so at the party Victoria is throwing for him he'll fess up to David being innocent. However, Victoria gets wind of it and threatens Mason into keeping quiet, as Amanda listens to the whole thing.

What Amanda always had in mind was something far more nasty, so she doesn't mind Mason caved to Victoria. She gets Nolan to take him out for dinner, with the bait Nolan wants Mason to write his story, then she sneaks into Mason's house to steal all the tapes he made of interviews with her father, then she uses Fauxmanda's lighter to set Mason's manuscript of his own life story on fire, and leaves the lighter behind so it'll be found in the ashes. It's the only copy Mason has. When Nolan and Mason drive up Mason sees his house burning to the ground and falls to the ground a crushed man. By getting Fauxmanda to help her, she's setting her up for the fire and also laying the groundwork to get rid of her next. As Nolan said, "Bad girl."

On the Daniel front, Emily tells Daniel she doesn't want to get a place with him because she's an old-fashioned girl and will only get a place with the man she's married to. If Amanda's goal is to get Daniel to marry her, then she's unknowingly aided in it by Conrad.

Conrad is trying to reclaim Victoria's stock in the divorce, so Victoria's lawyer suggests Daniel go to Conrad to get his trust fund back now he's working at the company. After that, Daniel and Victoria can pool their stock together and overthrow Conrad. One problem is Conrad is totally on to Daniel and what he's up to. I'm actually impressed. I kind of had the impression Conrad wasn't the brightest bulb in the package and he proved me wrong. Conrad sticks a marriage clause in the agreement to give Daniel his trust fund back, then he tries to throw a hot young woman in Daniel's path to try and tempt him away from Amanda. Daniel doesn't bite.

When Daniel learns of the clause he tells a horrified Victoria he's going to ask Amanda to marry him. To try and put a stop to Daniel marrying Amanda, Victoria gets her lackey Ashley to tell Amanda that Daniel is only going to ask her to marry him so he can get his hands on the stock. You know what, Vic? Since Amanda wants Daniel to marry her and for probably ulterior motives having to do with you, I don't think knowing that is going to bother her in the least.

As Emily is watching her father being interviewed by Mason she discovers a big bombshell. It turns out that Charlotte is really David's child. Which means that Charlotte is Amanda's sister.

You know, when you think of what Victoria did to both David and Amanda, it's a whole new kind of evil Not only did she send the father of her child to prison she also tried to make sure his other daughter hated his guts. Just what the heck did he do to deserve that? I guess in regards to Amanda, she didn't want her believing in her father because that would be a threat to the truth coming out, but still, it's a horrible thing to do to a child. She couldn't even try and look out for David's child. She had her put away somewhere and just forgot about her.


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