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Revenge -- Choosing Sides

Updated on January 4, 2012

I'm really late doing this one. Tonight there's a new episode. And it looks to be a killer.

As I brought up when they first brought up this training with Master T, they really need to start explaining why all these people are helping Amanda in her revenge or the story is going to become farfetched.

Master T suggests Amanda try to get Victoria to do her dirty work for her and wonders how she can let the son of her enemy touch her.

Ashley is still in suck-up mode and trying to cross the employer/employee barrier by calling Victoria by her first name. Vicky allows it when Ashley says she could get Daniel to come back home.

Tyler claims he's not a bi-sexual. He's just willing to do whatever he needs to do to get what he wants.

Sammy doesn't like Emily, but Jack doesn't get clued in she's not who she claims. Emily eventually manages to win Sammy over.

Nolan tells Amanda that Tyler has been looking up info on David Clarke. Amanda wants Nolan to lower the boom on Tyler, but Nolan is dragging his feet, which makes Amanda suspicious of Nolan's motives. She sees the video of Nolan and Tyler doing the nasty. Amanda tells Daniel that Tyler is blackmailing Nolan, while Nolan plans on going away for the weekend with Tyler. That plan gets shot to hell when Daniel confronts Tyler about blackmailing Nolan, after Victoria refuses to give Tyler the boot.

It turns out that Tyler isn't just a hooker who will sleep with male or female, he's also a junkie.

Amanda gives Emily a notebook full of her Amanda memories to use on Jack. It seems she may be trying to lull her enemy into a false sense of security.

Amanda tries to get Master T to invest with Daniel and he's afraid her feelings for Daniel are real. He declares she's in love with Daniel and basically washes his hands of her, saying he can do no more for her. Meanwhile, Daniel is playing town crier and goes to his father to tell him that Nolan was being blackmailed by Tyler. Conrad tries to fire Tyler, but Tyler threatens to expose the truth about David Clarke being innocent, so he has to back down. When Daniel finds out, this causes him to turn on his father and get firmly on Team Victoria for the dirty divorce between his parents that seems to be coming. Charlotte, on the other hand, chooses her father and moves in with him.

Poor Nolan gets dumped by Tyler and then by Amanda, who accuses him of betraying her for a cheap hooker.


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