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Revenge -- Collateral Damage

Updated on January 19, 2012

This is getting to be too much for Nolan

Amanda shows Nolan the David Clarke tapes. He's shocked that learning Charlotte could be her sister doesn't seem to sway Amanda from her path of revenge. At one point he even tells her he's out of this. It's getting to deep and too dirty for him.

Amanda decides to spread the wealth and torpedo Victoria's divorce negotiation by sending one of the tapes to Conrad so he can learn Charlotte isn't his daughter. Before he watches the tape he arranges for Declan to go to the same school as Charlotte; after he watches the tape he tells Charlotte she needs to go back and live with her mother.

Amanda plants the tapes in Emily's bag to make it look like she sent one of them to Conrad, as well as burning down Mason Treadwell's house. She goes to Emily and tells her Victoria thinks she burned the author's house down. When Emily gets invited to lunch by Victoria she's very hostile to Victoria. Victoria, at one point. declares she doesn't believe she's the real Amanda. Since Emily left her saliva on a spoon, it's not as disgusting as it sounds, Victoria wants her attorney, Ryan, to run a DNA test to see if her DNA matches Charlotte. To Victoria's shock, as well as mine, Ryan says the DNA matched. Emily and Charlotte are sisters. Victoria fires Ryan as her attorney.

It turns out Ryan isn't one of Amanda's revenge targets. He's in cahoots with her. He switched the DNA samples to make it appear that Emily was really her. He believed in her father's innocence, but revenge isn't really his cup of tea.

Nolan is surprised to learn that Amanda said yes when Daniel proposed. However, when Jack gets beaten up when Victoria sends a man in to search Emily's room, she agrees with Nolan that maybe she needs to take a pause on the revenge stuff. She tells Nolan she's going to tell Daniel she changed her mind. And she means it, too, until her anger is inflamed. Daniel tells Emily his mother said David Clarke raped her and that's how she became pregnant by him. Amanda is so furious she sets a June wedding date.

To be fair, Victoria didn't really come out and say that to Daniel, he just assumed that by the way she was acting. Dude is a total momma's boy. Thinks she can do no wrong.

Victoria actually learned she was pregnant as she watched the police raid David's beach house and arrest him. The minute she found out she got Conrad to have sex with her so she could pass of David's child as Conrad's.

Strangely enough, even though Conrad is a total crud, I felt the most sorry for him learning Charlotte isn't his daughter. He loved her and had a good relationship with her. It's obvious he never suspected she wasn't his.


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